Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Date : 10 June 2010 – 13 June 2010

Venue : Rhyme yourself to Asmara Dana, knowing your steps will lead you to where the legend begins. 32IDC awaits you there

Camp Concept:

Will there be a balance between chaos and tranquility in our modern world? Have you experience such states of combination? If yes, how did you feel? Did you feel peaceful? If not, then you have to buck up and learn the essence of the teachings that encompasses the development of peace and tranquility in our daily life.

The 32nd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp will introduce you to the fundamentals of mindfulness and concentration for daily life. It is a step-to-step learning and practice that leads to achieving peace and tranquility. In this process, ideally, wisdom arises. In order for the arising of wisdom, one has to continue their practice diligently and consistently. To be able to do so, one has to apply the suitable techniques with the acquired knowledge in our daily routine, as we are still students and working adults.

There has to be a strike of balance between practice and work, or studies. This is our concern and we should be able to cope with the challenges and obstacles we face everyday. This is when the practice comes in place and not neglecting one for the other.

The Buddha taught about the truth that arises from wisdom and very often we are confused, unclear about the true meaning of the wisdom.

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