Saturday, December 23, 2006

~ 26th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp ~

The 26th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp was successfully held from 7-10 December 2006 in SJBA. The camp is intended to present the Five Precepts in a practical and relevant manner that participants can apply in their daily lives. The Five Precepts can be a guide for participants’ thoughts and actions. We also aim to create a sense of social responsibility and a greater sense of empathy for the world we live in.

With just over 50 participants, it was indeed a camp to remember. With a smaller group, the bonding between the participants for this camp was much closer. On the first day, the physical workshop made participants sweat, as it involved challenges to choose between breaking the precepts or physical punishments. Most opted for the physical and duck walks were part of the schedule and soon after that, most of us could barely walk! Each team also had to kidnap member from other team. It was fun yet meaningful. At night, we also had a fancy opening ceremony.

A refreshing talk on the 1st Precept was given by bro. Jeff Oliver and the 2nd Precept talk was shared by bro. Lim Kooi Foong. Dr. Phang Cheng Kar gave an explicit lecture on sexual misconduct and sis. Buddhini talked about musavada. The most light-hearted yet inspiring talk was presented by bro. Oh Kim Leng on the last day of the camp.

There was workshop conducted as a debate with some pretty hot issues regarding the 3rd and 4th precepts where the lines are usually blurred. Unlike other camps, there was also a workshop on understanding wildlife conducted by sis. Hoay Hoay from WWF. We had some really fun activities that simulate the relationship between the animals in the forest. It is also in this camp where many of us experience for the first time what Metta meditation is, led by Reverend Mahinda.

The IXP programme was thought provoking and meaningful. It ended with the committees unveiling two large birthday cakes for the December-born participants and everyone dug in to party snacks and lots of nice yummy cakes. The committee blindfold was also a night to remember as participants’ favourite committees, ie. Keng Yan and Alex were made to present an impromptu mini sketch which turned out hilarious.
On the last day, everyone helped cleaned up the temple and made recycled paper. The camp spirit was definitely on a high, during the closing all participants, committees & facilitators were singing along memorable songs, hand-in-hand swaying and waving in one big circle. It was a very sweet goodbye. The camp finally ended with a viewing of videos from the past and the current camp. The IDC is a really refreshing experience that comes by only twice a year.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Inspiring 25th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

The 25th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp (IDC) was held at Fo Guang Shan, Jenjarom from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2006. IDC, being the premier English Dhamma Camp in Malaysia which imparts Dhamma values through a modern and comtemporary way, celebrated its Silver Jubilee having 25 inspiring camps.

The 25th IDC was attended by 80 vibrant delegates from an amazing network of more than 20 higher institutions around Malaysia and Thailand. The theme for this IDC was “Clarity of Truth, Charity of Joy”, depicting the benefits of the understanding and practising the Four Noble Truths.

Among the activities which took place were talks by remarkable speakers, workshops, metta meditation, Whispers from the Heart, musical puja, light & easy, yoga session, and the highlight, INCOVAR Experience.

We also had the priviledge of having sing-along sessions with i.gemz and M.O.D. (Messengers of Dhamma) which was thoroughly enjoyable! Despite a busy schedule, the delegates also showed their creativity by coming up with an impressive banner depicting the INCOVAR identity. IDC ended on a high note during the Silver Jubilee Celebration where the delegates came up with a touching tear jerking rendition of “My Beautiful Friend”.

Are you joining us for the experience of a lifetime? Do stay tune for the next IDC update. Please contact Sis. Mei Joon at 012-351 7615 for enquiries.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


...because @ incovar we inspire...

the 25th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp came to an end with a high note of inspiration. keep up the spirit. keep up the inspiration. keep up the energy level. INCOVAR is all about you guys. its all about your experience. its all about what makes us special. because at incovar, we inspire.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

25idc committees visit FGS Jenjarom

This place is so lovely even after the CNY celebration is over. The last time when we had our 22idc camp here the shrine hall was still under renovation, now it is such a big beautiful hall.

Check out more photos from our website.

The sister who greeted us was very humble. She even invited us to join them for dinner, simple vegetarian meal of course.

Lets grab the opportunity now and register for the 25th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp, which will be held in this wonderful venue.

because @ INCOVAR
...we inspire...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Clarity of Truth, Charity of Joy

Are you busy with commitments, responsibilities and obligations? Are you satisfied with your past achievements, current goals and future.... or you want more? Happiness - is there a ready answer to it?

In the latest edition of the 25th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp (25th IDC), you will be introduced to the essence of the Four Noble Truths - the most fundamental of the Buddha's teaching – with the emphasis on understanding what Happiness is.

It is through the appreciation of the simplicity in our daily lives that we find the answers. At the heart of a simple life is an emphasis on a harmonious and purposeful living. Being simple in nature will give rise to happiness within oneself, and then share it with others!

Hence the theme of this 25th IDC is "Clarity of Truth, Charity of Joy". It will be held from 29 June – 2 July 2006 at this beautiful Fo Guang Shan Dong Zhen temple in Jenjarom, Selangor.

In the dawn of the 21st century, the centuries-old Buddha's teaching, which is experiential by nature, is becoming ever more practical to us all. You might be thrilled, but we prefer that you just "chill" in the glow of Buddha's insights.
because @ INCOVAR
…we inspire…

For enquiries please contact Wendy @ 017-3195881.
Feel free to visit our website
You can register online NOW!

Friday, April 14, 2006

~ INCOVAR Family Day ~ 11Apr ~ BGF

To view pictures of the event click here! Leave your comments ya ;)

So what happened on this special day? Good thing that quite a number of them turn up and we had lotsa food for potluck! There's even leftover pizza that I could pack home together with my cake-container. Yup I ask my mom to make a marble cheese cake :)Before we start t0 eat, we celebrated Soo Teng's birthday (actual day was the day before actually ) but she looks happy nonetheless . The highlight of the day was certainly the INCOVARoom softlaunch . Jo and I planned for CO to cut the ribbon, but he's so shy I dont know why , fortunately Alex came just in time. So we had both CO and Alex to cut the ribbon and that marks the opening of our INCOVARoom! It was abt stuffy, well it was blazing hot afternoon alright...

We we supposed to have Jayson, Denphong and AhBan to join us for webconferecing but the wifi connection was really very intermittant. Well, in a way, cant squeeze in so much in under 3 hours right? On this pleasant afternoon, we had the chance to enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing music presentation lead by Daniel Kwok, with the help of Siew Chan with his signature song! Who wouldn't get mellow listening to them... it was an opportunity for publicity of igemz cd!
All in all, it was a sweet day with joy, laughter and fellowship. Looking forward to organise an outdoor activity in the near future with everybody joining once again.

because @ INCOVAR
...we inspire...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

~*~ INCOVAR Family Day ~*~

on 11th April 2006 (Tuesday)
from 12.30pm - 3.30pm
at BGF Centre.

Come one, come all! Lunch will be served Potluck style so bring along your favourite dish :P.
You are most welcome to bring your friends and family to join us for this warm & cozy afternoon get together.

This Family Day is open to all young and not-so-young INCOVARians from the 90's up till the 21st century! Not forgetting the young graduates and also new family members who'd just joined us in the last camp!

For the koko & cheche of INCOVAR, it would be sweet if you could join us for this Family Day reunion for you and all your gang, of those-were-the-days! :) If you have kids already, bring them along! You might wanna know how old / silly / fat / thin / beautiful / mature some of your old buddies have become?

For the new family members, on this day you will have the opportunity to meet up with our big brothers and sisters who are already working in the industry, who can surely provide guidance and support for us, in all aspect of living ie. career, spiritual or even personal development.

This is a good chance to get to know more about the Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF), which btw is an affiliate member of YBAM. In BGF, you can gain access to top international Dharma @ Motivational Speakers, also gain access to the resource-rich library. There are further benefits if you're a BGF member, just join us to find out more!

You may want to stay back for a 'Business World' talk by Bro Wei Chuan Beng, the boss of Redtone Technology Business at 4.30pm.

For more info & RSVP, feel free to contact :
MJ ~ 012.351.7615
Jo ~ 012.219.1293
For ideas of what food to bring,

...we inspire...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Get Ready For... the INCOVARoom

At first, there were big boxes of "stuff" everywhere, then we started sorting out each items from the boxes into different portfolios. Seems Quartermaster has the most items to keep track.. *phew..

Then after segretating most of the stuff, and then wipe the windows, sweep the floor, mopped the floor and arrange everything in order. It looks pretty cozy now.

Just the hi-fi set, looks kinda odd placed on the floor, maybe can stack it up on a wheeled-table?! Whadaya think?

Well, we didn't nail any hole on the wall, cos it seems we dont need to! Placing the jigsaw puzzle frames against the wall at the corner seems good enough. ;P
Let's have an opening ceremony soon!

Monday, February 27, 2006

24th IDC ~ Closed Eyes, Open Mind ~

The 24th IDC has since ended, but memories of IDC remain fresh in my mind. It was a wonderful four days camp, a refreshing break away from work, while being able to contribute to Dhamma propogation. From the start of the camp till the very end, there was never a dull moment, hence hopefully we have brought a new perspective that mental cultivation is never dull, but rather it is a journey of self-discovery.

The lively ice-breaking camp certainly broke the ice among participants, and soon everyone got to know each other pretty well, made easier that we had a smaller group this time around. Then we moved on to station games in the afternoon, experiential learning sessions that incorporated values like teamwork, concentration and communication.

Night time saw the INCOVAR opening ceremony, graced by committee members from BGF. The IDC committee members sang We Inspire for the very first time, the theme song for 24th IDC.

On day two, we encouraged participants to walk mindfully, while trying their hand at several mind illusion exercises. There was also 2 talks on meditation, accompanied by a short meditation session.

The highlight of the camp was during the third night, the INCOVAR Experience. This marks as a culmination of the IDC, where we encourage participants to share their experiences while helping each other to grow and move on with life. This was followed by INCOVAR Night, where we held a mini Incovar graduation ceremony.

All in, 24th IDC achieved its aims of sowing Dhamma seeds among university students, while fostering a community of young Buddhists in local varsities, and not forgetting in Thailand too. This time around, we were joined by nine Thai friends in our spiritual path development. Come May 2006, hope to see you joining us too!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

24IDC Appreciation Dinner on Alex!

Dear committees, incase you've missed the dinner at New Paris last night (12thJan), its OK here's the outcome of dinner :D -->

  • Sat, 4pm till night :: just stay on... got MPO & Musical Puja mah...
  • Chor Sam / 3rd day of CNY :: Meetup at Penang (or your respective region) exchange angpow.
  • March 4th & 5th :: you got nothing yet right?! Just make it free, we're going on an excursion to the Tea Plantation. (we got member with access to special resort).
  • You know we're starting the plan for the next camp already right?! The main outcome from 24idc postmortem was to plan early for next camp! So, raise ur hand if u want to be chair, or exco or not programmer / qm / publicity / secretary / treasurer again ah!
  • Ajahn Brahm will be here 28th - 29th April 06 (dude, local uni sem break starts 8th May la!! Fyi Wesak falls on 12th May, a friday).
  • Pevin turns 25!! Happy Birthday Pev..
  • Chee Onn is sick but doesnt really look sick...
  • NS looks tired
  • SF got many rags for INCOVAR room
  • Alex got matress & pentium II for INCOVAR room
  • Ern Huei still must work on 1st day of CNY!!!
  • Jo & Aaron timing very ngam
  • Fred always there
  • Gary busy pour tea (not until have to ask)
  • LY come latest but busy take photo with her phone
  • Li Kim cant take Tea but she'll lead us to the Tea Plantation excursion!
  • MJ went off half way thru dinner to go pick LY!! -- wan sui!

Hmm.. so see you this Saturday!! Stay tuned for more updates.

...we inspire...
mj-wan sui

Monday, January 09, 2006

:: MPO :: Introducing the Musical Puja Organizers ::

How have your new year been? Any new wishes to gain more inspirations? The line up of MPO Training for the month January, will co-incide with the full moon Musical Puja. Musical Puja is significantly held very new moon and full moon evening, complete with inspirational music and devotional Puja practice. We'll now have the chance to practise together, be part of the Musical Puja team, making good use of the time generating merits instead of partying at zouk eh ?! :P

Date :: 14th January 2006 (Saturday)
Venue :: BGF Centre
Time ::

  • 4pm ~ Training begins with learning opportunity on how to organise a musical puja session, Buddhist inspirational songs sharing etc.
  • 6pm ~ Dinner together
  • 7pm ~ Hands on in preparation for a Musical Puja session
  • 8pm ~ Musical Puja / Talk by bro Tan Siang Chye on "How to be Happy" & musical performance by the MOD.
  • 10pm ~ end

Music is not only about singing, there's also the instrument part, music appreciation, dancing, songwriting... all these put together spearheading the evolution of Buddhist music.

For further information, please contact :
Bro. Nee Sern @ 0162011550
Exco - BGF Training and Leadership Development

...Dhamma Inspiration Through Music...
:: Music :: Passion :: Originality ::