Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's all make it for the INCOVAR Dinner!

Dear INCOVARians from all era,

On behalf of INCOVAR, we would like to invite everyone of you to the inaugural INCOVAR Dinner & Dance "amigos para siempre"- friends for life!
We hope to see all of you, from all the different generation to come for this Dinner! This is the first time such a big scale INCOVAR gathering dinner is organised, to reconnect with as many INCOVARians as possible for this one night.

Your support for the dinner is very much appreciated. You can bring along your partner / family members, the price is the same. Remember your buddy or good friend way back during the INCOVAR camps? It'll be wonderful if you can help to ask them to come along, incase the organisers have missed out anybody.

When? 6-Sept-2008 @ 7.00pm
Where? Holiday Villa Subang Jaya (Classic Ballroom)

Let's make this event a success! Kindly RSVP asap for your dinner tickets.

because at INCOVAR
...we inspire...

sis. Mei Joon
~on behalf of the organisers~
hp: 012.3517615

*You can confirm your dinner tickets with cash payment handed to BGF treasurer
or via e-payment to organiser's account. Dinner tickets # will be given to you thereafter.*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

INCOVAR DnD 2008 - Amigos Para Siempre

don't say "boh eng'. feel free to post this up in your blog!

The "Harmony Here & Now" Musical Puja on 1st August

When I noticed from the INCOVAR Blog that Uncle Daya would be giving a Dhamma talk on 'Harmony Here & Now' I was intrigued with the title as well as curious to find out. Meanwhile the members from SJBAYS would be presenting their first musical performance. How nice! Due to my illness, I was on my medication and I have difficulty in my driving. Anyway, I managed to make my journey to BGF safely.

The topic presented by Uncle Daya motivated me to push myself more. Although his talk was unprepared his jokes as well as his experience was very enriching. The SJBAYS youths performing for the first time were commendable. They wanted a name for their newly formed musical group, how about ‘Subang Jellybeans’?

~ Submitted by sis. Chang Mei May


It wasn't a usual Friday; BGF held another New Moon Musical Puja and our team were invited to present our first performance on the 1st of August. It was my first time attending the Puja

I always thought that they call it Musical Puja because they will be chanting with rhythm. Turned out, it was the same Puja chanting we normally conduct during IDC. I feel the reason why the crowd never stopped attending the Musical Puja is because the committees kept the session very interactive, enjoyable and beneficial.

How beneficial? We were really honored to have Brother Daya to share his thoughts about "Harmony Here & Now" in conjunction with the Merdeka month of August. He stressed the importance of practicing Metta (loving kindness) in our daily life. With Metta being practiced universally by people from all nationality, religion and race, we can reduce conflict and harmony will prevail.

We ended the evening with the SJBAYS performance. The four of us lead the hymns singing segment by presenting “Three Refuges”, “Way out West”, “Cradle in Buddha's Arm” and “Buddha my Lord”. We were excited and anxious before the show. Thankfully everything turned out great and we do look forward to perform again in the future Musical Puja.

For those who had never joined, do come and see. Feel the excitement of learning to pray in a fun and interesting way.

~ Submitted by sis. Foong Xiao Thoong

Friday, August 08, 2008

INCOVAR cordially invites...YOU!!!

Just ONE MONTH to go before the Dinner & Dance. Have you got your dinner tickets? Calling all friends from all generations! Let's come together for a night to remember! Get your tickets now from bro. Chee Onn / sis. Mei Joon / bro. Wei Loong / sis. Swee Feng.

Missioners Reproduction Model

Pictures from the Missioner Reproduction Model workshop...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

INTRODUCING :: Foundation of Buddhist Practice Course

Dear brothers and sisters in the Dhamma,


Facilitator : Bro. Benny Liow
Date: 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
Duration: 20 sessions starting 6 September 2008
Time: 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Venue: BGF Center, 60A Jln 19/3, Petaling Jaya.

The Foundation of Buddhist Practice is a 20-session introductory course on Buddhism taught from a non-sectarian approach. Participants learn about the core Buddhist teachings and how they can apply them in their everyday lives at work, at home, and with their families and friends. The course is specially designed for those who are committed and interested in getting a firm grounding on Buddhism at the foundation level.

Course Structure
The course spans over six modules with a total of 20 sessions with a term break for Chinese New Year in 2009. The course shall be confined to 30 participants so as to ensure a more personalized learning.

Registration and Course Fee
Just request for the
Registration Form and mail to us or submit to Buddhist Gem Fellowship Centre before 26-August-2008. The organizers shall contact you in due course for confirmation.
A fee of RM40.00 shall be payable to cover the cost of study materials during the first lesson on 6-September-2008.

For more information, please contact:
Bro Ooi Chin Chye : 012.311.8094
Bro Alex Lim : 012.304.3828
Sis Doris Choong : 012.311.0294
Sis Dolly Teoh : 019.356.8879

Reminder, the CLOSING DATE is 25-AUG-08!


Module 1:
Turning the Mind Towards Dharma (6 sessions)
Precious Human Life, Impermanence, Karma and Samsara
Date: 6 & 20 Sept, 18 Oct, 1 Nov, 20 Dec 2008 and 3 Jan 2009
Module 2:
Understanding the Basic Doctrines (3 sessions)
Four Noble Truths and Eight Fold Path
Date: 17 Jan, 21 Feb and 7 March 2009
Module 3:
Building the Spiritual Fence (2 sessions)
Five Precepts and Five Ennoblers
Date: 21 March and 4 April 2009
Module 4:
Committing to the Path (4 sessions)
Refuge in the Three Jewels, Qualities of the Spiritual Master,
Qualities of the Student and The Altruistic Mind (Bodhicitta)
Date: 18 April, 16 May, 6 June and 20 June 2009
Module 5:
Walking the Path (2 sessions)
The Four Sublime States and Engaged Buddhist Practices
Date: 4 July and 18 July 2009
Module 6:
Learning from the Great Traditions (3 sessions)
Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana
Date: 1 Aug, 15 Aug and 5 Sept 2009
[ All sessions is held from 3.00pm to 5.00pm ]

Bro. Benny is the Chief Editor of Eastern Horizon. He had served as founder Chairman of the St Xavier’s Institution Buddhist Society (1976), President of the USM Buddhist Society (1977/1978), founder Chairman of the Buddhist Graduate Fellowship (1980), Education Committee Chairman of YBAM (1982-1984), and Vice Chairman of the Kota Kemuning Buddhist Center (2002-2006).

Friday, August 01, 2008


There is more to great leaders than brains. This personalized BGF training development program focuses on balancing on these four quadrants of a professional life:

In the first series of EMT (I), the emphasis on Emotional-Quotient has been correlated with success, where EQ begins with Self Awareness. Socrates gave the advice "Know Thyself" approximately 2400 years ago and Buddha expounded on such profound self-knowledge of the mind 2500 years ago. The subject of "Am I Fit For My Job?" and "Time Management" is catered to assist you this category.

Self-awareness and cultivating inner strength (spirituality) has a solid grounding in leading a balance lifestyle yet achieving ultimate success. The significance of consciously practicing “Mindfulness in Daily Life” is deeply inspired.

In the realm of business and corporate life, how do you excel in your performance? Find out in “High Performing Mindset” and "Effective Mindset Change". Effective communication plays a key role in creating value for business or clients at work. Practically, you should benefit from “Business Writing Skills”.

Learning how to “Transform Your Customer Service Skills” will improve your verbal communication, which involves social interaction with people.

The EMT(II) syllabus is specially designed for

  • Participants of the EMT (I) or
  • Active in Buddhist activities or exhibit potential for Buddhist work or
  • BGF members/non-members who are committed to put effort for personal development.

a) BGF Member - RM 200
b) Non Member - RM 250

Group Package of 3 pax
a) BGF Member - RM 180 x 3
b) Non Member - RM 230 x 3
Fee is inclusive of course materials and refreshments.

A group of Buddhist professionals, which comprise of Bro Loi Hui Kong, Bro Chan Tye Kooi, Bro Mitra Chong, Dr. Ong Tien Kwan, Sis. Sharon Ng and Dr. Chan Kah Yein who have generously volunteered their services to facilitate this course.

Contact Person for Registration:
Sis. Jacqueline @ 016-696 9799
(BGF Training Exco)

Limited to a maximum of 30 pax to ensure effective faciliation. Closing date of registration is 1 September 2008. Successful applicants will be informed latest by 6 September 2008. HURRY REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment!