Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to you!

~ may your wishes come true & don't be so kayu! :P oops ~

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Subang in India (?)

*WARNING - if your Geography is an examination flop... please skip this post!*

Technology isnt so great after all. and since it came from this site itself, here's some amusement.
Im not sure if you've come across it before. I havent before, but now i had. or was it a bug in my pc?

Your regular normal site... and while scrolling down....

Subang, MY had the flag of India...!

So where's Ambarpet...?

And now, it's in Great Britain!
and Birmingham is in India.... so the British colony went back to history!

So much for Geography lessons!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Psst.... 28th...!

Monday started out as a guessing game....

We had clues, and alphabets as hints... and taking time off from the monotonous work routine and studying to guess...

the answer...?

So what are we looking for this time?

... better workshops...
... mind-blowing ideas ...
... brilliant ingenuity ...
... inspiring speakers ...
... that caterer you know which all will love ...
... location, location, location ...


We're looking for....

(it's not behind the door, or under the table)



we want YOU!!!
Interested? Inspired to take up the challenge?
give any of us a buzz NOW!

... we inspire ...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Preview of Trip to Bagan Lalang / Tanjung Sepat

How many of you have actually heard of the a calm and peaceful place called Bagan Lalang, situated a few kilometres from the town of Sungai Pelek in the district of Sepang, why in the state of Selangor of course! Heard about ikan bakar there, but usually people drive to Tanjung Sepat for the food. I'd personally like to take you for a stroll at the fishy-smelly jetty just for the fun of it! *urban girl talking*

There's no need for me to write more, you can read about it here, here & here.
Here's to INCOVARians, if you'd like to catch up with the people, just for a casual & fun day out, for me it's opportunity for photography, if you're interested to join email me!

The date is most tentatively set for :: 28th of July, Saturday.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post 27idc Appreciation Dinner @ BGF

This steamboat dinner held on 23rd June, Sat in BGF, was our way to thank all the committees, faci and helpers of the 27idc.. here's the photo-slide-revolver of these syiok sendiri people...
We had steamboat and lotsa fruits for dessert! Special thanks to Li-Kim, Wendy, KongJoo, Jay & SK, Yong Tien for helping to bring some food (and then sponsor it)! Supposedly exco treat everybody! ;) Don't exactly remember what Datuk Dr. Victor Wee had wanted to say, but it's along the line of INCOVAR as a network of Buddhist youths where we will be the future leaders to help service and develop the Buddhist community.