Monday, November 26, 2007

Series of Dhamma Talks ~ 28th IDC

There will be a series of talks & forum organised for the 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp. Visitors are allowed to sit in and listen to the talks.

Date : 29th November – 2nd December 2007
Venue : Klang & Coast Buddhist Society (KCBA)

Here and Now ~ Talk by Bhante Kumara
Thusday 29 Nov 2007 4pm

Individual Expressions ~ Moderated by Dr. Chan Kah Yein
Friday 30 Nov 2007 9.45am

Self Discovery ~ Talk by Uncle Vijaya

Friday 30 Nov 2007 3.00pm

Importance of Love ~ Forum Panelist : Bro. Charlie Chia, Dr. Chan Kah Yein, Bro. Poh Wee Fah
Saturday 1 Dec 2007 8.15am

Simple Steps of Wisdom, Journey To Awakening ~ Talk by Dr. Tan Ho Soon
Sunday 2 Dec 2007 8.30am

Acceptance for the 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp!

~*~ Below is an email that all who have registered for the 28th IDC will receive in their mailbox. Please be informed of the camp registration info & process. ~*~

Dear Brother / Sister-in-the-Dhamma,


Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm your participation for the 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp.

2. To ensure smooth running of the camp, kindly report for camp registration as follow:

Date : Thursday, 29th November 2007
Time : 0830 hours to 0915 hours
Place : Klang and Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)

3. You are advised to bring the following for your personal usage in camp:
  • Casual wear
  • Toiletries
  • Extra trousers / comfy pants (dark coloured)
  • Stationeries
  • Personal medication
  • Enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn
  • Camera(optional)

(Please note that DECENT attire – knee-length and below – is to be worn in the temple premises at all times)

4. For those who arrive early, i.e. Wednesday night (28th November 2007), accommodation can be arranged. Please refer to point 7 below.

5. Please take note that all participants must stay throughout the four days duration of the camp. You will not be allowed to break camp until 430pm on Sunday, 2nd December 2007. If you need to break camp earlier, kindly inform the Chairperson in advance.

6. Transportation to KCBA:

A. For those driving there on their own:
Please find attached map for your guidance. You can contact Bro. Yong Wei or Bro. Wei Loong for assistance.

B. For those taking public transportation:
Please take the KTM Komuter train and stop at the KLANG STATION. Please liaise with Bro. Yong Wei regarding the pick- up time.

7. Action needed from you (participants): Confirm with us regarding (a) if you need accommodation on 28th November 2007 and (b) your transportation to KCBA on 29th November 2007. All confirmations should be sent upon receipt of this letter or no later than 25th November 2007.

For any queries and confirmations of accommodation/transportation, please contact:

Bro. Tan Wei Loong 017-3355092
Bro. Lee Yong Wei 012-6974758
Sis. Yong Swee Khem 016-6037306

We look forward to meeting you at 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp!

Thank you and may the Triple Gem be with you!

Because at INCOVAR,
…we inspire…

Tan Wei Loong
28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Malaysia-Singapore Youth Exchange @ BGF Centre

Check out the pictures and the feedback received from Cell who lead the group from KMSPKS.

Having said that, the What's NEXT...
- Msians (ie. D2y) plan to visit KMSPKS temple in Spore in the not too distant future (temple tour takes 2.5hour)!
- Muihan proposed to have formal SG-MY dialogue or exchange annually. Jinhwa say why not TH-MY-SG rotation like the YBAM-YBAT exchange that's already in placed.
- CheeOnn will forward to Sis. Ching Wi (tai ka cheh from KMSPKS) the last Spore Buddhist federation contact so that she can take it from there.

HAVING said that, summary of dialogue...
- Spore is very advance technologically compared to Msians buddhist group, Msians admire that.
- Msia have a more developed buddhist community where diff Buddhist groups can co-work together, Spore admire that.
- Both countries have similar problems phrased in difference context, as both countries are politically different.

HAVING SAID THAT, mei joon must not forget to thank...
- INCOVARians who came to support, Adeline & WL inspite of having to work overtime exhaustingly at the GCB prior to that.
- Bro. Cedric, Nancy & Simon for being the 'My-Own-Drivers' for the Sporeans & also for the pizza & also for washing up after that!
- Wendy & Likim for your food without asking for claim back :P haha
- D2Y & SJBAYS for giving alot of 'Having-Said-That..' inputs for the dialogue.
- Chee Onn, Chin aik, Siying, Mei Fong, Lee Fei, JiaShin, Wei Hoong, Junie for coming & helped set up the food/centre for the evening...

Lastly & most importantly, I must thank Cell and all his friends from Spore who came all the way to join the GCB and actively participate in this simple evening of Youth Exchange!


...we inspire...

Hi Meijoon, Mui Han, Mun Yee, cheeky Jin Hwa and fellow youth leaders,

We had a wonderful time at the gathering last weekend. So much fun and laughter and genuine sharing of what Buddhist youth work is like in Malaysia and in Singapore.

Like to take this opportunity to give you our sincere feedback.

  • A fun and casual meet-up
  • Good dialogue exchange which provided both sides with better understanding of each other situations
  • Nice vegetarian food
  • Heart warming and inspiring to see so many like minded Buddhist youths practicing and propagating the Dharma
  • Thank you for hosting the youth exchange! Impressed by your genuine and perseverance in contributing to the Buddhism, keep it up!
  • Thank you very much for the warm hospitality shown to us during our visit. It was very interesting to hear your experiences in your various groups and very helpful to learn and ponder over your experiences as well. Hope that we can continue to keep in touch and grow in the dharma together.
  • Thank you for taking the time and effort to organize this gathering. It really felt like a warm family gathering! It was really heartening to hear from the Malaysia youths share their experiences on how to spread Buddhism. It was a very fulfilling gathering that bonded the Singaporean and the Malaysians together. Thank you so much!
  • Too little time, it should be a full day event!

Possible Follow-ups

  • Incentive trip to Singapore for Malaysian youths in Dec 2007
  • Hold Singapore – Malaysia Youth Dialogue in 2008 in Singapore
  • Attend Voices of Harmony II in Singapore, Dec 2008

On behalf of all of us from Singapore, we wish to express our deepest gratitude and congrats on your continuous effort to bring dharma to youths in Malaysia.

Many of us are on Facebook too, do look for us :)

Please keep in touch!
till we meet again. meanwhile be well be happy!
Cell. Tono
Programme Executive
Department of Youth & Arts
Dharma Propagation Division
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
+65 9765 4322 +656849 5345

Friday, November 16, 2007

Invitation to INCOVAR-Singapore Exchange on 18Nov Evening

Sukhihotu! It is my pleasure to invite you all to join in the INCOVAR Exchange a.k.a Meetup with KMSPKS youth group from Singapore on this Sunday evening at BGF after the GCB.

Date :: 18 Nov 2007 (Sunday)

Time :: 7.00pm - 10.00pm

Dinner is served ala potluck!

Since some of our S'porean participants are vegetarian, please bring some vegetarian food stuff along!

It'll be a good opportunity for fellowship exchange between the well established KMSPKS youth movement and we Malaysian youths! All INCOVARian undergraduates living in nearby BGF are welcomed to this simple potluck dinner gathering. You can lotsa chitchat, exchange of ideas, and a chance for us to learn from our brothers and sisters from across the border.

Contact sis. Mei Joon [012.351.7615] to ask her what food should you bring. For map to BGF click here.

because at INCOVAR,
...we inspire...