Friday, December 28, 2007

Wondrous x'mas in Singapore!

On Christmas day, I had this special chance to visit the 'Nalada Trail' exhibition held in the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore! It was so wonderous for Cell from KMSPKS to introduce us the special Buddhist Guided Tour for this wordly historial & art exhibition.

I was truly overwhelmed with the arrangement, the historial artefacts on display brought in from various museum, the historial experience of ancient Buddhist empire spreading as far wide as to Indus Valley and Chinese civilization...

So much knowledge acquired in such a short visit, especially for me who didn't know how Mahayana Buddhism came about. I experienced a precious moment when the tour guide lead us to a room with a majestic display of the Buddha's relic, that took my breath away.

At the end of the exhibition, I wish that I could bring INCOVAR (or even anyone interested back home) to Singapore to visit not only the big famous Buddhist temples in this small island but also this not to be missed Nalanda Trail at the ACM! Even the museum itself is an architecture beauty that is worthy of a photography adventure.

Having said all that, I would like to thank Cell for bringing us around KMSPKS and even showing us his office place! I was so excited when the staff there showed us this 'Dharma for Urbanites' diary notebook. I'd wanted to get something like this, a Buddhist inspired 2008 diary as gifts for my INCOVAR committees, but none to be found. *hint hint to sukhihotu & 9bugz*

Now you tell me, if you'd like to have a Buddhistic spiritual journal for your hectic life? Imagine inside this journal you can find the dates for all the Buddhist events? And it looks trendy not typically old-fashion!

OK, now come to think of it, I should have gave donations to defray the printing cost! Yes, they'd printed this to be given out for free! Wow... *Sadhu*

If you're reading this and already felt excited reading this as much I'm writing this, and you really would want to have a copy, yes I've gotten 10 copies exclusively for you, @ INCOVAR.

You can find me at BGF centre during this BGF Year End Party on 31 Dec 2007, or pls leave your comment here & tell me why you'd like to have one.

Amituofo! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!
Happy holiday season to you & may you be blessed with a happy inspiring vibrant new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Some thoughts to appreciate. nevertheless make the fullest of what we have...

Thanks to Hui Ling for sharing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dare to go for it?

White Water Rafting in Sungai Selangor near KKB, located a mere 1 hour drive away from KL City! Sungai Selangor offers the best and ideal place for White Water Rafting. With distance of 7 km, this river boasts a rapid of Grade 1 to Grade 5.

Make a date with BGF!

:: BGF Year End Party on 31st December 2007 ::

BGF will be having Year End Party and also welcoming the year of 2008 at BGF Centre, 60A, Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya. We will be having catered food however, if you wish to bring food you are most welcome.

The program consist of food, games, sing-along, lucky draws and chanting to welcome the new year 2008.

There will be a charge of RM15 per person for adults and children 11 years and below is free.

RSVP to the following person by SMS or call:-
Sis Mei Joon : 012.351.7615
Sis Dolly Teoh : 019.356.8879
Sis Doris Choong: 012.311.0294
Sis Elaine Low : 013.352.7662
Bro Brian : 012.214.9020 (after 7 pm)

You can also confirm and pay during the dates that we have Dhamma talks, Metta meditation session and Musical Puja at BGF Centre. Closing date is on 28/12/2007.

:: Series of Dhamma Talks ::

Date : December 20, 2007 Thursday @ 8.30 pm
Speaker: Venerable Dr. H. Gunaratana
Topic : Misunderstanding of Karma and Rebirth

Venerable Henepola Gunaratana is a well learned scholar and meditation teacher. Venerable was ordained at the age of 12 in Sri Lanka. At the age of 20, he was given higher ordination in Kandy in 1947. He left for the United States in 1968. Bhante G regularly leads retreats at the Bhavana Society, West Virginia and elsewhere.

In 1985 Bhante G co-founded the Bhavana Society and became its abbot. In 1996, Bhante G received the title of "Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera of North America".

Date : December 22, 2007, Saturday @ 8.00 pm
Speaker: Venerable Bhikkuni Kusuma
Topic : Expectations of a Lay Buddhist in the Modern Era

Venerable is the first Theravada nun in its revival since late 1980s. A former university professor who traced the continuity of the Theravada bhikkuni lineage in China.

Date : December 30, 2007, Sunday @ 8.00 pm
Speaker: Venerable Ariya Nyani
Topic : The Four Basis of Happiness

Venerable was born in Switzerland. She started to practice meditation during her training as a music and dance teacher at the conservatory in Zurich (1980-1984). In 1992, she went to Burma and ordained as a nun. Since then she practiced vipassana and metta meditation under the guidance of the renowed meditation master Ven. Chanmyay Sayadaw. She has translated Sayadaw U Indaka's book on Metta Meditation from Burmese into English and German.

All are welcome to attend the above talks. Bring a friend along.

...Inspiring the Future...
BGF Administrator

Sunday, December 16, 2007

for a hero

would like to share a courageous, selfless and brave real story with you guys.

a story of a young man who saved someone's life, at the same time lose his.

for a hero.

Friday, December 07, 2007

: : post 28th IDC : :

after a grueling 4 days without meat... see what happens....


yup as expected, half of the camp participant (carnivores from IMU and Penang) RUSHED to the nearest BKT stop.

5 guys, 2 girls and a BAK KUT TEH place =)

girls =)


"emo trio? "

all stuffed

those who missed out, fret not... "the klang boys" will be glad to bring u there.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Yeoh ah yeoh! The wonderful camp...

*why Janice blocked the INCOVAR banner?

Camp Warden :: Daniel Ngan
Assistance Camp Warden :: Foong Xiao Thoong
Time Keeper :: Janice Neoh

Yeoh ah Yeoh! Yeoh ah yeoh! Yeoh ah yeoh ah yeoh ah yeoh!

28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp with inspiration and love

Calling all 28th IDC Participants, Committees, Facis, Helpers and all...

We hereby proudfully announce (online)

that the 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

is a SUCCESS!!!

*tepuk INCOVAR*

on the behalf of all, we would like to say a MAHA SADHU to all who have contributed to the camp - committees, facis, helpers, participants, speakers, panelists, invited guests, choir trainer, donors, well-wishers. Of course, mustn't forget modern technology such as emails, chat messengers, telco, cameras etc. and foodie places like Kanna's, McD to keep our hunger away. and everyone and everything that has contributed to the road of success!

So now, we're all still in the hangover of INCOVAR spirit....

*tepuk eou-ah-eou*

We would really like to hear your sharings throughout the 4 days in KCBA. Share with us your funnies, pictures, oohs and aahs. Email us or leave your message on our chatbox. We would like to share them with the internet community. We'll post up messages and pictures for you (if you dont have a blogspot account), or link your blog URL here! alternatively... get yourself linked to our Friendster, Facebook and LiveSpace (check sidebar)

Can't believe i still fall in love with the camp after attending for 4 times!
~ Angeline Tan @
*she's a fast one!

E-Wen's pictures @

and the amazing part is, some of them only meet up in incovar (meaning abt twice a year), but they are like good old friends who hang out together everyday..

~ Chin Yeong @

on another note, for those of you especially first timers who has been asking to get the songs from i.gemz, our last hymn singing session with Bro Daniel Kwok on Sunday morning, you can get their first album from Sukhihotu PJ. It's a Buddhist shop selling CDs, Dhamma books, candles, statues etc. They have just moved to their new premise near the Old Subang Airport. Click here to find out the location. (Psst... i heard it's much bigger and better! must visit!!)

Another place to get the CDs will be at Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF, which is INCOVAR parent body) located in 60A, Jln 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya. You can ask sis Mei Joon on this.

i.gemz's first album - Cradle in Buddha's Arms (we're waiting for the second one...)

and for those in the north, you can get the CD from Sukhihotu Penang at 1-T Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: 604-2294811. Fax: 604-2294737. Email: The premise is opposite Penang Chinese Girls' High School (Peng Hwa) at the shophouses located at the traffic light junction.

Well, so what are you waiting for? Get connected and share your thoughts and pictures with all!

because @ INCOVAR
... we inspire ...