Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guess? Guess? Guess?

...the dates of the 31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp!
*please state why
*first comment with the correct answer wins
*prize > discount on the next camp registration fee :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Previously known as C-DEX run, it has been rename to better suit the objective. UPM E-CHARITY RUN aims to raise fund for AGATHIANS SHELTER.

Venue : Engineering Faculty of UPM (University Putra Malaysia)
Date : 1st March 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 6.30am registration8.30am flag-off

A) Competition- (Only for University and College students)- Male (7km) RM15.00- Female (5km) RM15.00- Cash Prizes up to RM620 will be gicen to first 5 winners for Male and Female categories, Certificates and Medals will be given to first 50 winners for each categories.

B) Fun Run (Open for all)- Individual RM15.00- 3 person RM40.00- 5 person RM65.00

Each participant is entitled to:Free T-Shirt for first 800 early birdsGoodies bags Merits (Only for UPM Students)

A CARNIVAL!!!!will be held in conjunction with the Run

FOOD, BEVERAGES, SNACKS, GIFTS, GAMES, those were just the tip of the iceberg.

Orphans from Agathians Shelter are also invited to help make this event merrier.However Coupons will be needed to be spent during the carnival.So don't forget to get your coupons during the promotion booth and throughout the run.What are you waiting for?Ask a friend or better ask more friends to join the RUN FOR A GOOD CAUSE.

Help secure a home for Agathians Shelter.

For more information, please visit

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ministry of Unity Culture & Heritage - Inter Religious Youth Camp

Hi! Are YOU interested to be part of a Inter Religious Camp organised by the Ministry? Check this out and feel free to be part of this! /MJ
Dear all,

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism in coorperation with the above Ministry will gather religious youth leaders (17-35 years old) to interact with youth leaders from Islam as well.

Participants' accomodation, transportation & food will be fully sponsored. Don't miss the excellent opportunity!

Participants are expected to be proficient in English & BM, active in Buddhist youth activities and will be the PIONEER group for future such endeavours. During the camp, participants are will articulate the challenges, aspirations & further good religious harmony towards nation-building.

The date for the camp below is March 20-22 2009 (3 days 2 night) at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson.

An application form is attached for your further action. As mentioned in the previous email, each religion will be given 24 slots.

Please get as many friends as possible to be considered for the pilot project "Unity Camp" to forster greater understanding.

Please email the completed application forms to Bro Li Han Wei at or 019-6364263

To establish a leadership team of youth from all religions to play a greater role in fostering inter-religious unity.
To empower youth with leadership skills
To create a better understanding of respect and the basic tenets and teachings of all religions, while upholding firmly their own.
To foster friendship and fellowship among members of different religious groups
To formulate and adopt resolutions for an effective way forward for an Action Agenda to unite Malaysians of diverse religions at the grassroots level:
(a) Programmes of Selfless service to the needy, beyond race & religion and
(b) Programmes to foster Human Values among Youth at the level of Family & Community to counter the social ills aspects of Globalization..

The proposal is to organize a 3 day (Friday to Sunday) youth camp for youths from all major religions in the country. Youth will be between 18 -35 years of age and comprise of equal representation from both genders (male & female) .
A maximum representation of 24 members from each religious group will be invited. (This exclude members of the secretariat, speakers and other coordinators) Representation from Sabah and Sarawak where possible is strongly encouraged. ( A pair each from Sabah and Sarawak )
The criteria for selection should be that these youth should be active members in their respective religious group and have been seen to show positive leadership qualities.
They must participate fully in all sessions for the three days.
The groups will be divided into six main groupings. Each group will have members from all religions. We hope that participants will really get to know every member of all group by the end of the three days.
The attire throughout the camp will be decent smart casual and sport wear during outdoor activity.

The focus of the three day camp will be on team building, fostering team work, developing leadership qualities, understanding and respecting basic tenets of different religions and formulating a forward looking youth oriented action plan.

With Metta,
Chua Teck Seong
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia