Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congratulations Jack & Daniel

for emerging the champions in the 22nd EFFECTIVE SPEAKING COURSE 2008

the 22nd effective speaking course was held in bgf on 26th april 2008. there were 15 people who competed in the event. the theme for the nite was "Striving Towards a Better Tomorrow". all the speakers were really good; considering how they all fared on day 1 of their course. all of them did very well that nite; some with very humorous and farnee stories while most of them opted for a touching storyline. no matter how farnee or how touching the stories were, all of them did a wonderful job in delivering the speech with poise and elegance. they indeed did learn alot from the course. trained by our renowned public speaker, bro cheong, bro stanley cham, bro loy, dr phang and our very own datuk, all the participants went thru a series of 10 classes to be trained in various aspects of public speaking and delivering a short speeches.
jack was the emcee for the nite. jack dressed in white shirt with orange strip and a orange tie complete with a tailor made suit while daniel wore a dark blue shirt with a grey tie - both striking a huge colgate smile with datuk.
both of these incovarian has shown us that if we put our mind to it, focus our effort on it; no matter how difficult times are, we are sure to see the silver lining in the clouds. see opportunities in every problem that we face and we are sure to be able to strive towards a better tomorrow. they have taken the first step; when is yours?
congratulations again to jack daniel...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Firstly, on behalf of INCOVAR, we wish to say goodluck & best wishes to all our brothers and sisters currently striving very hard in the final exams! Right effort good results.

Due to the exam fever, and for a chance for those final year students who'd yet to register, the closing date for the 3rd IGC is extended to 27th April 2008. We really hope you can benefit from this powerhouse 2-day course where we sought to bring out the successful corporate Buddhist in you! Don't let this chance to slip pass you to meet corporate managers bro. Keek Seng Bee, bro. Tan Huat Chye, bro. Benny Liow and bro. Charlie Chia... amongst those guest speakers invited.

And how often do we have a chance to attend lessons on grooming? Does being Buddhist truly give us the advantage in the working world? Let's find out more and give ourselves a chance to explore the possibilities!

Friday, April 18, 2008

MEtzTeam presents..... 29th IDC Trailer

The first project from MEtzTeam

To know more about MEtzTeam

PCIC at Kajang Country Heights

...we lived in a house, a very big house in the country...
...brainstorming in the afternoon and the satay we eat in the country...
...we take our thinking skills and go thru some drills in the country...'s like an INCOVAR farm lot's of idea charm in the country...
*sing in the tune of Blur's Country House chorus*

*CO must take a photo of all us jumping! Wish the rest of the committees were there too, then you'll see how we're all so different... in body sizes :)*

*backstreet boys pose?!*

*Programmers group meeting*

Monday, April 14, 2008


Grab your calendars now and book the date: 3rd to 4th May 2008!
Eligibility? All final year undergraduates and also young working adults.
Book your place now. Limited to 25 pax only.
Call Wendy @ 017.319.5881 for more information.

BGF ESC Finals

the effective speaking course finals will be held in bgf centre on the 26th april 2008 at 7pm. come and listen to those inspiring speakers make their speeches and vote for your friends. 27idc and 28idc incovarians, come and vote for your sungguh blur warden and eoh-ah-eoh fren - jack daniels. every vote counts. come and see them live in action with their inspiring speech and wonderful voice. you are sure to be blown away by their farnee yet inspiring speech. this is your chance to see them live. don let this opportunity pass by. grab on to it...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

BGF 19th Annual General Meeting

Date :: 13 April 2008
Venue :: BGF Centre
Time :: 4pm

Thursday, April 10, 2008

29th IDC roadshow in MMU Cyberjaya

The part where everyone LOVE the most... HYMMs singing :) :) :)

What a successful roadshow :) Full participation from the TEAM from PUBLICITY :) Prove that we are supporting each other well (KP, WL, SY & me). A lot of interaction with the students and hopefully those who promise to come will come... Thanks for those who came and help out (MJ, TK, Eddy, JP, E-V, E-W & KW). Although some of the request not granted (requesting JP to sing solo [hey, she from I-Gemz, ok], she but don't want... pai seh... haiz...). Also, KW come with full set of camera equipment ( invested rm17k but forget to bring memory card, so no photo taken). Luckily I still have my humble camera to take those photos in this post.

Ice-breaking (Memory game, JP win hand-down) before presentation

Boring presentation? Look at MJ's face...

Presentation by KP

Well... Thats all for now. There will be more post from PUBLICITY and hopefully the trip to Melaka for Echoes of Buddhism will be suscessfull.
With Metta, YW

Monday, April 07, 2008

What goes on behind the scenes?

INCOVAR committee members adhere to very high standards when planning for the INCOVAR camps. The working committee is set up several months prior to the actual camp date, and from thereon plenty of regular meetings, special workshops such as the Induction, PCIC, Pre-Camp, etc. form the basis of a strong and meaningful camp for all participants.

Not to bore all of you with such details, but rest assured that every activity that we plan has gone through stringent planning, debate and examination.

Here's 2 scans which are unrelated to the IDC, but it shows some of the planning process that goes through our brains...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Developing Leadership to Make Things Happen

Different types of people = Different types of leaders!
by Fran Kick

The best definition of leadership I can share is by way of an example. At a leadership conference before it began, one person saw that the room was kind of a mess. There were papers on the floor, a Coke® can in the corner, and other miscellaneous remnants indicating that an entire day of classes had occurred in this lecture hall. Before we started the session, one person got up out of his chair, picked up a piece of paper and the Coke® can, threw them out and sat back down. Not less than maybe 30-60 seconds later, two other people got up, went around and picked up trash near their chairs, threw it out and sat back down. That first person was leading by the most effective form of leadership possible, leading by example.

No one went up to that first person and said, "Hello, we’d like to appoint you the official room picker-upper and give you two assistant room picker-uppers." They did not receive any special consideration, grandiose title, extra bonus points, cash incentive or reward. They took Nike's® advice and just did it. No one even went up to the other two people who helped out and said, "Look at that! Did you see what that person did? Now if you were even half that responsible, aware, or caring, you’d help out too!" They didn't get any that-a-boy's, pats on the back, gold stars, happy face stickers or candy bar rewards. They saw someone take the lead and they followed.

Leaders do what needs to be done,
when it needs to be done,
whether they want to or not,
without being asked

...which in the words of Thomas Huxley is what it takes to be successful in this world. It's about a different level of awareness more than anything else. Leaders see opportunities to make something happen and they act on it.

Leaders pay attention to more than appearances. They notice the small details as well as the big picture; things that others miss. Leaders take the initiative in making things happen because they see opportunities before others do. You've probably heard the saying, There are three types of people in the world, those who...

Make things happen,
watch things happen,
or wonder what's happening!

Everyone has varying degrees of how well they pay attention to the world around them. If you’re the type of person who pays attention at a very high level, you'll tend to see more opportunities and therefore make more things happen. If you're the type of person who just pays attention to what they "have to" to "just get by," then chances are you may notice a few opportunities, but for the most part you'll tend to notice other people making things happen and then you'll join in. If, however, you’re the type of person who doesn't pay attention at all, you're not going to even notice the opportunities. You'll occasionally notice other people making things happen, but most of the time you'll wonder what's happening.

It's your choice based on how well you pay attention. Are you going to make something happen and take the lead? Are you going to just watch things happen and follow? Or are you gong to wonder what's happening? The first person at that leadership workshop was paying attention, saw an opportunity to make something happen and took the lead. The two other people who were watching what happened saw the first person's example and followed. Everyone else in the room probably didn't even notice what happened. Leaders pay attention, make things happen and KICK IT IN!

© 2008 Fran Kick. Used with permission.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

~ 29IDC Quiz II ~

This week's quiz is all about INCOVAR-BGF! Think you can take on this challenge to win 75% discount off camp fee to join the 29th IDC?

Let's see how much you know about us…

1. BGF stands for Buddhist Gem Fellowship but it started off as Buddhist Graduate Fellowship in the eighties. So,what is BGF new tagline that was incorporated after Y2K?

2. There are many portfolios under the umbrella of BGF. Name any 3 portfolios.

3. i.gemz CD was launched quite some time ago. The event was graced by our very own Datuk Dr Victor Wee. So, what was the exact date of the launching?

4. IDC started many years ago; somewhere in the eighties. In what year was the 1st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp held?

5. Name the venue of the following camps:

a. 24th IDC

b. 25th IDC

c. 26th IDC

d. 27th IDC

e. 28th IDC

So keep pouring in your answers. The first to get all correct answers shall get a 75% discount off the camp fee and a set of Sasanarakkha music inspired by Datuk Dr Victor Wee.

Previous winners are not allowed to contest again. So good luck!
*for easy tracking of entries, please use the comments function of this post*

Jom Undi :: BGF Annual General Meeting

Date :: 13 April 2008
Venue :: BGF Centre
Time :: 4pm