Tuesday, October 18, 2005

24th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp is now open for registration

Sukhihotu.. Sawadeeka.. Salam Sejahtera..Hello..

Brothers and sisters in the Dhamma,

The 24th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp is now open for registration! This time, the camp will be held at Sau Seng Lum in Puchong in Selangor, a relatively new place, from 8 - 11 December 2005.

The theme for this camp is "Closed Eyes, Open Mind" where you will be able to experiene the inspiration of mental development. Come and discover the joys of metta, samatha and vipassana meditation. Experience the beauty of mental happiness as you close your eyes to the distractions of the world.

You'll be happy to realize just how easy it is to stay focus, or to increase the power of your memory and concentration! See the world in a new light with an open mind, practicing mindful living every day. Imagine if, you won't forget where you placed your house keys ever again!
Learn the Dhamma in a fun and experiential way with inspirational talks, games and workshops. Meet new friends and nurture a family of Kalyana Mitras. Join us and experience Closed Eyes, Open Mind.
Date :: 8th - 11th December 2005
Venue :: Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre
Theme :: Closed Eyes, Open Mind
Camp Fee:: RM70

*free gifts for the first 20 early birds who register for the camp!

For online registration, please visit our INCOVAR website or contact us through
email :: info@incovar.org
sms hotline :: +016.616.1516
yahoo :: msn :: qmeijoon

because @ INCOVAR
...we inspire...

Monday, October 03, 2005

MPO.Circle is born!

The kick start of the MPO gathering on 1st October 2005 was a promising affair. We were proud to have UM, UPM, D2Y, SJBA, BUBS, MOD, Kang Kee (from Singapore) & other inviduals too.
Because of all your support, this MPO.Circle is created!

You can access your group using the link below
* Your group information:
Group name: MPO-circle
Group email address: MPO-circle@yahoogroups.com
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MPO-circle

* Get started now:
Just send a blank email to: MPO-circle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Then you may start posting your email to:MPO-circle@yahoogroups.com
During the 1st MPO kick start event, we had the priviledge to listen to the D2Y music group. Further on, we had group sharing amongst all music group & individuals to create the awareness of MPO being the Central Network for Buddhist Musicians.
The closing of the event drew everyone's aspiration for the next course of action. The 2nd MPO gathering, is set for 29th October 2005. A Saturday of course! Block your calender remember, 2.30pm onwards :)