Monday, February 27, 2006

24th IDC ~ Closed Eyes, Open Mind ~

The 24th IDC has since ended, but memories of IDC remain fresh in my mind. It was a wonderful four days camp, a refreshing break away from work, while being able to contribute to Dhamma propogation. From the start of the camp till the very end, there was never a dull moment, hence hopefully we have brought a new perspective that mental cultivation is never dull, but rather it is a journey of self-discovery.

The lively ice-breaking camp certainly broke the ice among participants, and soon everyone got to know each other pretty well, made easier that we had a smaller group this time around. Then we moved on to station games in the afternoon, experiential learning sessions that incorporated values like teamwork, concentration and communication.

Night time saw the INCOVAR opening ceremony, graced by committee members from BGF. The IDC committee members sang We Inspire for the very first time, the theme song for 24th IDC.

On day two, we encouraged participants to walk mindfully, while trying their hand at several mind illusion exercises. There was also 2 talks on meditation, accompanied by a short meditation session.

The highlight of the camp was during the third night, the INCOVAR Experience. This marks as a culmination of the IDC, where we encourage participants to share their experiences while helping each other to grow and move on with life. This was followed by INCOVAR Night, where we held a mini Incovar graduation ceremony.

All in, 24th IDC achieved its aims of sowing Dhamma seeds among university students, while fostering a community of young Buddhists in local varsities, and not forgetting in Thailand too. This time around, we were joined by nine Thai friends in our spiritual path development. Come May 2006, hope to see you joining us too!