Friday, May 20, 2011

34 INCOVAR Dhamma CAmp

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma,

How much do you know about The 5 Precepts? What are the 5 Precepts? And what does it have to do with me?

INCOVAR Dhamma Camp is back to share with you insights on The 5 Precepts, the second of the main pillars of Buddhist for us laypeople. Join us in the next step in our journey to understand and experience more about the Buddha's basic teachings.

INCOVAR is happy to present:

 The 34th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp
23 - 26 June 2011
@ Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA)

Come and join us in the next step in our journey!
Individual Registration:
Camp Fees: Rm100/-

Of course, the best gift to share with our bros. and sis. is the gift of Dhamma
Group Registration:
RM420 for 5 participants

As a token of appreciation for registering early, the first 10 participants will receive a special gift which will be presented during the camp.

Why wait, register now to book yourself a place in a journey of a lifetime @

Registration will be closed on 13th June 2011, so what are you waiting for?

For more information and updates, kindly login to our FB
fan page @
Do have a look at our teaser video @

or contact

Bro. See Hua @ 010.388.0278 -
(Local Participants)
Bro. Michael Lim @ 012.567.8023 -
(Penang Participants)
Sister Kayin @ (+6)012.3799.202 -
(Singaporean Participants)
Sister Febrianna @ (+6)012.467.5422 - (Thai Participants)

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you in the 34th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

Saturday, January 01, 2011

33rd IDC Inspiration by Bro Ken Juin

33rd IDC
INCOVAR ค่ายธรรม

As the previous night after IXP ended with a pillow talk of ghost stories and exchanges of autographs alike till a good 3am (which made our facis just shook their head and sighed upon hearing this! haha), when Day 4 of the 33rd IDC started, there was a feeling among INCOVARians that it will be unlike the past three, especially after the experience we had during IXP. We began the day with a breakfast Dana – an offering of food to the sangha of Wat Chetawan. It was an interesting experience because for many of us, it was the first time we had to chance to do so. The offering was not a one way thing though, as the elder monks at Wat Chetawan chanted, in a soothing synchrony, to give us blessings for the wholesome Dhamma activities that we have participated in for the past four days.

As the sangha had dana in the kitchen, we took the time and had a break just outside at the fish pond area. It was a beautiful sight that morning in Chetawan, the trees at the area were shady, the sun was gentle, fishes were swimming freely in the pond as INCOVARians sat and talked, and just playing away on the pebble-clad massage stones. The atmosphere was most light-hearted, with smiles seen on everyone’s faces and occasional laughter filling the air. It was a sight which leaves one a very peaceful feeling, as though one is transported back to the Lumbini Garden of the Buddha’s time. Everyone had a good laugh when Bro Wei Loong excitedly jumped right onto the “sharp” massage stones, not only because it was a funny scene, but also because we were left wondering which side felt more pain – Wei Loong, or the stones.

As we finished our breakfast of eggs, bread and misc (which was a bit like MacDonald’s Big Breakfast remember? :D), we strolled together to the car park for the group photoshoots. As groups one by one posed in funny Buddhist and not-really-Buddhist poses, one can see smiling faces and cheeky expressions on each of our faces. As Sin Ye went feverish with her ‘Oh INCOVAR, Oh Oh INCOVAR!’ dance, Sister Hung Jen had more than she wanted when she was lifted up by her group members, drawing an“Ah Jen , lei hou hang fook oh!”(Sis Hung Jen, you are so blessed!) cry of envy from the other facis. We sprang and leapt gleefully for jump shots, which is when Yu Xin exclaimed that every time everyone jumped it seemed to be higher and higher, perhaps because of all the burden released during IXP the previous night. It was such a fitting statement.

At 9am, Venerable Fa Xun reinforced our understanding on the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. After Sis Choon Sin reminded us that “we are actors in our lives, not a mere audience”, we were off to the next item – the Directors. We had a good laugh presenting and watching incredibly creative sketches, including one iPhone4 by the committee (it was quite a large (read: fat) iPhone4! hee :P not my joke, Jack!).
By the end of all the items, we found ourselves having had a (long-absent) good exercise of our stomachs! INCOVARians were then entertained with beautiful hymns from none other than iGemz, during whose performance Kong Ee got some long-awaited affection from the pretty Sis SueLynn, and Sin Ye’s dream finally came true when she got hers too from Bro Daniel. (he is however already attached. somemore very early wan. sorry sin ye!)

By 3pm of that Tuesday we were already packing and cleaning up, and finally the time came when we had to say our goodbyes at the end of the four days. Lining up in a long, long line we hugged each other, said our best wishes, and made promises to see each other again the next camp. I remember seeing Daphne bursting with tears, and her red, swollen eyes just continued to well up as she hugged us one after another. We were so closely knit at the end of the four days with each other – committee and participants alike - it just seemed so hard to say goodbye.

Embed this video :Saying goodbye on Day 4, by Sis Gift Rattanawala

33rd IDC inspired us, though it may be in different ways for each of us. Some of us let go of our worries, some found answers to their questions, but one thing that is definitely shared among us was that after the camp, we were all refreshed with a sense of spirituality, and a new outlook on life ahead. We learnt to see clearer, and live better.

The best thing about INCOVAR is being able to learn and share the Dhamma in a company of kalyana mitras, a group of friends one can, strangely, just feel at ease with at any time, any place, and even when you are apart, friends who will always hold you in their hearts with good and well wishes.
Committee, I noticed that this time we didn’t get to shout one“INCOVAR, we inspire!” together leh. So I am going to do one now, here goes! Everybody, 1, 2 , 3...

INCOVAR, you truly did. :)

Inspiration articles written by Bro Ken Juin
Photos: Bro Michael, Bro Yong Wei & Bro Song

Monday, November 08, 2010

33rd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp :: Online Registration is NOW OPEN!

Venue: Wat Chetawan Temple, Jalan Gasing, Petalling Jaya
Time: 4 - 7th December 2010
Camp Fees: RM100
Registration closes at 20 November 2010

Great news for early birds! As an appreciation for registering early, we are offering special rates just for you!

For individual registrations:
1st to 5th participants: RM70
6th to 15th participants: RM80

In addition to that, for those of you who wants to register along with your friends:
Group registration:
5 participants: RM420 (instead of RM500)

Those special rates will only apply when you pay up immediately after registration, of course, otherwise it will be invalid.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now at

The Four Noble Truths, this where is all started. This is the very first thing that the Buddha taught too his disciples, a is the very foundation on which the whole religion and philosophy of Buddhism is founded on.
In the upcoming 33rd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp, you, will experience ways to see and implement the four noble truths in fun and practical ways in your daily life. You will learn that the Four Noble Truths are not just philosophies that is far removed from our mundane world, but is actually one of the most practical ways to structure our thoughts and to solve our problems.
The Buddha has discovered the way to solve all of our problems 2500 years ago, now it is our turn to do the same in our everyday life!
So what are you waiting for? Experience the Dhamma, INCOVAR style, by registering online today!
In the 33rd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to apply the Four Noble Truths in fun and practical ways. We will show you that these basic teachings are not just limited to theoretical and philosophical discussions only, but can also be applied into our daily lives practically and with little hindrance to our normal routine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Date : 10 June 2010 – 13 June 2010

Venue : Rhyme yourself to Asmara Dana, knowing your steps will lead you to where the legend begins. 32IDC awaits you there

Camp Concept:

Will there be a balance between chaos and tranquility in our modern world? Have you experience such states of combination? If yes, how did you feel? Did you feel peaceful? If not, then you have to buck up and learn the essence of the teachings that encompasses the development of peace and tranquility in our daily life.

The 32nd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp will introduce you to the fundamentals of mindfulness and concentration for daily life. It is a step-to-step learning and practice that leads to achieving peace and tranquility. In this process, ideally, wisdom arises. In order for the arising of wisdom, one has to continue their practice diligently and consistently. To be able to do so, one has to apply the suitable techniques with the acquired knowledge in our daily routine, as we are still students and working adults.

There has to be a strike of balance between practice and work, or studies. This is our concern and we should be able to cope with the challenges and obstacles we face everyday. This is when the practice comes in place and not neglecting one for the other.

The Buddha taught about the truth that arises from wisdom and very often we are confused, unclear about the true meaning of the wisdom.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chap Goh Meh @ BGF :: Sun, 28-Feb :: 7pm

All are welcome to Chap Goh Meh @ BGF this SUNDAY, 28 FEB 2010!

Dresscode : Yellow / Orange
Time : 7.00PM (start with potluck dinner)
Let’s spend some cheerful & roaring time together this Chap Goh Meh @ BGF with a potluck fellowship dinner and Puja to follow. Join in the fun with sing-along happy CNY songs!

Please contact Sis. Mei Joon 012 3517615 / Sis. Gina 012 2616288 to indicate type of food you’ll bring for potluck.

Bring a friend along. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


A Professional Training and Development Programme by Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF)

Objective: To train Buddhists in the field of public speaking

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Speak effectively and be understood
  • Persuade, motivate and communicate effectively
  • Introduce a speaker professionally
  • Demonstrate the use of microphone and exhibits
  • Develop self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Develop a good speaking voice

RM180/= for working adults
RM100/= for students
Fee is inclusive of course materials, dinner and refreshments. A certificate of completion will be presented upon full completion of the course.

Training Methodology:
Experiential & Interactive learning. This intensive course requires total commitment and participants are given assignments to complete after each session. A speech contest will be held at the end of the course.

Buddhist professionals who have kindly volunteered their services to facilitate this course, namely Bro. Cheong Kwai Fong, Bro. Loi Hui Kong, Bro. Vincent Hor, Dr. Phang Cheng Kar.

For ages 18 years and above - working adults / college students.
Active in Buddhist activities and/or exhibit potential for Buddhist work.
Preferably recommended by a Buddhist organization/society.
Committed and willing to put in extra time and effort.
Must be proficient in both the written and oral English language.
No of participants:
Limited to a maximum of 25 pax to ensure personal attention and effectiveness. Closing date of application is 20 February 2010. Successful applicants will be informed latest by 27 February 2010.

Course Schedule:
This course comprises 10 sessions and will culminate with a speech contest.
Session 1 & 2 :: 6 March 2010 (Sat) :: 3.00pm – 9.00pm
Session 3 & 4 :: 13 March 2010 (Sat) :: 3.00pm – 9.00pm
Session 5 & 6 :: 20 March 2010 (Sat) :: 3.00pm – 9.00pm
Session 7 :: 27 March 2010 (Sat) :: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Session 8 :: 03 April 2010 (Sat) :: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Session 9 :: 10 April 2010 (Sat) ::7.00pm – 9.30pm
Session 10 :: 17 April 2010 (Sat) :: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Speech Contest (Finals)
01 May 2010 (Sat) :: 7.00pm – 10.00pm

Buddhist Gem Fellowship, No. 60A, Jalan 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Persons:
Bro. Alex Tan 016-420 4000
Sis. Quek Mei Joon 012-351 7615
Sis. Jacqueline Lim 016-696 9799

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Date : January 2010, Saturday
Venue : BGF Centre

Programme :
1.15 pm LUNCH

For enquiries, please contact Bro. Alex Tan at 016 420 4000.
Hurry register NOW by filling in the form below and submit to .
Limited to 50 pax ONLY!!

Admission by Donation
Full Session (include lunch) RM50 BGF member / RM70 Non-member
Half Session (exclude lunch) RM30 BGF member / RM40 Non-member

Payment can be made either via
i. bank transfer to BGF Public Bank acc no: 3109670729
ii. or check payable to “Buddhist Gem Fellowship”
iii. or cash by hand to BGF centre
Note:- Please retain bank slip & contact Sis. Gina Goh at 012 261 6288, or scan & email slip to

Name : ________________________________
Contact : ______________________________
Email : _________________________________
Gender : M / F
Age : _______
I wish to participate in the FULL / HALF* session of this workshop.
Amount Paid : __________via bank transfer / cash by hand*.
Date : _________________
Have you attended any courses on Grooming? ___________

*cancel where not applicable

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

:. SUNDAY@BGF .: 3 Jan 2010 :. Wishlist For 2010 .:

BGF will kickstart the year 2010 with a new engagement themed "SUNDAY@BGF" happening on every 1st & 3rd Sundays between 10am-12pm commencing on the 3 January 2010. All members and friends of all ages are welcome!

For the FIRST SUNDAY@BGF, there will be Puja & Offerings, followed by Dhamma Talk by Datuk Dr. Victor Wee on the theme "Wishlist for 2010". Bro. MV Nathan will be leading us in singing melodious hymns.

Let's come together on this bright Sunday morning to share our valuable time with our family member/friends. Perhaps we might gain some insight from the President of BGF in his sharing about the wishes and aspirations for personal development & community growth.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

BGF New Year Eve Fellowship Gathering :: Thu, 31-Dec

Let's usher in the new year 2010 at BGF Centre! There will be a New Year Eve Fellowship Potluck Gathering on Thursday 31 December 2009.

Event will start at 7.00 pm with potluck dinner followed by Buddha Puja & Dhamma Talk by Bro. Benny Liow on the topic "Living Affinity - How to Create Positive Relationships in Life".

Hymns presentation by igemz to follow before the 'chantdown' and Sutta chanting lead by Datuk Dr. Victor Wee to welcome the new year.

Do join us! For more information, feel free to contact Sis Mei Joon at 012-3517615.

From all of us at BGF, we wish you a Happy Healthy Peaceful Fruitful New Year!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Full Moon Musical Puja :: Proper Puja Practice :: Sun, 1-Nov :: 8.30pm

Dear friends,
Most of us, would have at one point or other, attend Pujas at temples, centres and homes. But what do we know about the practice of Puja? Can we practise Puja at home everyday? If so, how can we practise in the proper manner?

Come and learn about 'proper puja practice' and getting your questions answered by Datuk Dr Victor Wee on this Sunday Full Moon Musical Puja, 8.30pm at BGF.

Bro. MV Nathan will serenade us in the hymns singing segment.

Feel free to bring along fruits, flowers and even candies for Puja offering. Most importantly, bring your family and friends along to experience a spiritual Friday evening.

Datuk Dr Victor Wee is the President of Buddhist Gem Fellowship and an accomplished Buddhist musician and singer. He has recorded five albums of Buddhist hymns in English with the Wayfarers. Datuk Victor holds a B.Econ. from University of Malaya, M.A. from Brown University, USA, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Bristol University, UK. The 'Buddha Puja' book is authored by Datuk Victor.

Bro. MV Nathan produced the inspirational Buddhist musical album "Journey" with melodious hymn songs performed by himself and friends. A mesmerizing singer especially with a guitar in his hand, bro. Nathan is actually a lawyer by profession and he hails from Melaka.Feel free to bring along fruits, flowers and even candies for Puja offering. Most importantly, bring your family and friends along to experience a spiritual Friday evening.