Sunday, December 18, 2005

Templehunt in Melb,Australia



Mr&MrsK brought me to a SriLankan temple(location:Dandenong) which,in short,it's like Nalanda/BGF concept.(Or Nalanda/BGF Concept is like their concept?Hmm..watever..)A housing area(2hses I think)made into a hall.As I pay respect to the resident monks,then the Buddha,and offered flowers,I can't help it but notice that all eyes were on me.I feel like a foreigner,but speaking the same language,prostrating and paying respect the same way they do.The attention was made even more obvious because I was wearing a pink shirt with black pants when all of them(except the two monks of course)...were wearing WHITE.(including those offering food )(Just imagine a group of Uncle Vijaya's around!hhahha!)

It was also during the dana session(offering food)when we went.So, I get to dana to practicing nuns/novitiates observing the 8 precepts.I was TOO HAPPY to see so many ladies/nuns observing for the day(almost all) when at home,they're ALL FOR GUYS/monks!!SADHU!!!

During dana,everyone was just rushing to dana!The papadam which I had on my plate,had little to offer because everyone just had it on their plate already!!It was stressful because I wanted SO much to at least give ONE to each of them,in the end,I realize,all you had to do is,just politely insist on putting it on their plate.No choice!

When I reflect now...during dana,since I was bit embarassed with my clothing and feeling-out-of-place and with all the attention,I even FORGOT to dana to the MONKS!gee?!They are the most important ppl...!!AGH!HAHA!!**slaps my forehead**

Finally!!!!I have found a theravadan novitiate program for ladies.Now,all I have to do is enrol in one and request the Dhamma talk to be in English and not Sinhalese.Don't worry,I'm just going to aim for a day retreat,observing the 8 precepts...with a group of females(theravadan style) AND WEAR WHITE(robes?)!!!

Mr&MrsK will bring me to another one,where Dhamma talks will be conducted in English(due to many'foreigners' like me).After that,I still have 2 temples to visit(a Mahayanese one I came across a few days ago-on behalf of my parents, and another one by Ajahn Kalyano my friend(ML's BF-HX) was telling me about)

Just wanted to share this!SADHU!! YIPPEE!! HEHEE....

Think about it: The Theravadan Buddhist practice which we are accustomed to now,has its 'cultural' values borrowed from another country-SriLanka.Our resident monks in M'sia have a rich culture in Sri Lanka brought to nurture and spread across our country.Chief Reverend(Dr.K.Sri Dhammananda)-you come from a very beautiful country and a gentle community.SADHU!SADHU!SADHU!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

24th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

Date : 8th Dec 2005 - 11th Dec 2005
Venue : Sau Seng Lum, Puchong
Theme : Closed Eyes, Open Mind

Monday, December 05, 2005

...dhamma inspiration thru music...

...3rd december 2005. i.gemz album launch...

a huge success. more than 130 turnouts; all stuff into the small space of bgf. not enough chairs to accomodate everyone also. loud cheers were heard from the back...people asking for more songs. clearly the few songs rendered by the singers were not enough. everyone wants more of the live performance.

siew chan's my beautiful friend was indeed a big hit among the crowds. the reporters were seen snapping pictures all the way; right in the nose of the singers. i was like, wow...more yau yeng than mj snapping pictures!

more than 200 copies of the cds were sold that day itself (not inclusive of bulk orders). a huge success and a big milestone for i.gemz-mers and bgf.

yes, we will be in bgf on dec 15 for musical puja. if you have missed the launching and getting your cd autographed, do come and meet the us. get a copy of the cd before its sold out ya.

and those who will be in the 24th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp, you will also be able to get copies of the album that time. remember to get it autographed ya.

Some pictures during the launch.

sue lynn(left) during the autograph session

andrew sia(in orange) from the star interviewing the singers

a picture for the press

i.gemz :: dhamma inspiration through music

...i.gemz believes that their music inspires people to find strength within and live a meaningful life...