Saturday, March 29, 2008

...29th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp...

the 29th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp is finally here. logon to our website (or click the links at the top right side of the page) to register online. be the first 20 to register before 2nd april to get a discount on the camp fee.
look out for this page again for the next quiz anytime between now and 7 april. the prizes are getting more exciting...
because at INCOVAR we inspire...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

...INSPIRE Newsletter...

The biannual INSPIRE Newsletter is out! If you've not read it, you can get it at BGF Centre.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...iMonday on Photoshop...

...iMonday was great. our very first official session of iMonday started with "learning photoshop basic skills" conducted by me. all of us gathered in bgf for this much awaited session. some came as far as cheras and some even rode on their bike all the way from university tower just to attend the workshop.

kns and i shared our experiences on using photoshop and the basic functions in photoshop. we learned how to edit pictures, saturating the pictures and put in some highlights into the picture, creating overlays and masking the picture to give it the blur effect of the camera. we had a great time manipulating the pictures and putting effects on the picture; masking out elsf and giving her tonle sap picture a wonderful black and white feel. i especially like the method taught by kns on saturating; overlaying and masking the picture and finally enhancing it with some minor adjustment of the hue to give it a more color enhanced look. aaron gave us some tips on color history on the black and whites.

the nite ended with all of us learning some basic skills into using photoshop to edit our pictures. for those who have missed it, not to worry, do leave your names in the comments and mj will contact you for the upcoming photoshop lesson.

coming next on iMonday will be on photography. for those who are interested in photography and learn the techniques of taking nice pictures or aspire to be a wedding photographer, lets meet in the next iMonday session. it may be an outdoor session or a field trip to putrajaya!
for further information, kindly contact mj ya.

3rd INCOVAR Graduate Camp is here!

Entertaining clients without drinking liquor.
Pitching to win the contract without slandering your competitors.
Outdoing your peers to get promoted without harming them.

Ever wonder if these are all possible in the working environment?

Do you want to learn how it can be made possible?

INCOVAR proudly presents you the opportunity to do so at…


Grab your calendars now and book the date: 3rd to 4th May 2008!

Eligibility? All final year undergraduates and also young working adults.

Watch this space for further details. For those who want to get a head start, kindly contact Bro Alex Tan
for further details or better still, register for 3rd IGC!

…we inspire…
The 3rd IGC team

Sunday, March 16, 2008

~ 29IDC Quiz ~

Here's a little game that you can try guess, the first person to respond with the all the correct answer wins! The prize? Entry to the 29th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp with 50% discount on the camp fee!! Ready? Give your best shot. *potential 5th timer & camp committees need not kaypoh*

1. Fill in the blanks ::
2. Where is the venue for this coming 29th IDC?

3. Who was the male lead singer for the last 28th IDC committee performance?

4. What was the camp theme for the last camp on Four Noble Truths?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The 'Jewel of Tibet'....

8th March 2008! Malaysia decides! It was malaysia's election day, a day to decide for the future of the nation.

At the same time, we at INCOVAR had a group of visitors coming all the way from Singapore on that very special day and of course also a very special nite.

The KMSPKS brought a group of 10 people from their organization headed by the youth ambassador to support BGF-DRR fund raising project in conjunction with the musical stage show of "Jewel of Tibet", a local production, headed by our famous composer and singer Imee Ooi.
The show is a classic and I should say to hose who missed it, "you are missing lotz."
The highlights of the show:
1. Princess Wen Chang
:: So beautiful and elegant
:: Sweet soothing & powerful voice
:: A jewel to Tibet
:: A beauty of all time
2. The History
:: Rich History dating back to the Tang dynasty
:: Solid & full of substance
:: A tribute by Tibet
:: A history for China
3. The Stage
:: Modern & up-to-date standard
:: Wide and and with good acoustics
:: Perfect*
4. The Songs
:: Contemporary
:: Easy to the ears
:: Intelligent composure
5. To the eyes
:: A once a blue moon happening
:: An opener, worthy of praise & salute
:: Not to be missed
:: Satisfying, non-regrettable...
For more information:
about my experience at Istana Budaya......
Thank You for reading!
Dont miss out on the next best event!
Coz, Watever u missed, u may not get another chance!
So, Be quick the next time!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

29th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp



when? 29th may till 1st june 2008

block off your calendar for the One and Only... 29th IDC!

Stay tuned for more info

only at

because at INCOVAR...


INCOVAR went for White Water Rafting on 24-Feb 2008