Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spending Meaningful New Year's Eve in BGF

What a FUNtastically meaningful way to spend New Year's eve!!

Thank you, BGF for creating a space where family members can spend time together, to party with loads of mouthwatering delicacies , to the accompaniment of lively musical performances by the popular group I-gemz and Datuk Victor Wee. It was really fun with the old , the young and the not-so-young, joining in to sing along to those unforgettable golden oldies.
The best part of the evening, which touches me most, was the Chanting , lead by Datuk Victor Wee, which started towards the "ending" of the Old Year , crossing into the New Year (erm….believe it was "Protective Chanting") . I could almost feel showers of Buddha's blessings washing all over me when the bell was struck at midnight, the vibration of it's chime synchronizing with our Chanting! Delightful!

Thumbs up to BGF for this experience for a wonderful closure to the 'old' year and embracing this New Year on the right footing surrounded with loads of blessings. To be in the midst of so much positive energy created with love and chanting, I know I am "protected" in this new year.

~ from a BGF newcomer, Angief.

Creating Abundance for the New Year ~ Full Moon Musical Puja

Happ New Year 2009!

To kickstart the first Full Moon Musical Puja for the new year, it's our pleasure to invite you all to come join us.

Full Moon Musical Puja
Date: 10 January 2009, Saturday
Time: 8.30 pm
Venue: BGF Centre
Sharing by: Bro. Poh Wee Fah
Topic: "Creating Abundance for the New Year"

Feel free to bring along some fruits and flowers for Puja offering. Most importantly, bring your family and friends along to experience a Saturday evening filled with abundance and joy.

(Bro. Wee Fah with igemz performing at the BGF New Year's Eve Gathering)