Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nature of the Heart, Nature of the World

~ 27th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp ~
May 31 - Jun 3, 2007 (Thu - Sun)
Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA)
This camp focuses on Kamma, and how we can cultivate good virtues in our life for a better future. Feel free to drop by during the talks or forum session.
Talk 1: Introduction & overview of Kamma
Speaker: Bro. Tan Ho Soon
Date: 31st May 2007 (Thu)
Time: 1.00 PM - 2.30 PM

Talk 2 : Generating Kamma & Good deeds as defined
Speaker: Bro James Ong
Date: 1st June 2007 (Fri)
Time: 10.30 AM - 12.00 PM

Talk 3 : Nature vs. Nurture, the cause & effect of Kamma
Speaker: Venerable Mahinda
Date: 1st June 2007 (Fri)
Time: 3.30 PM - 5.00 PM

Talk 4 : The urge to generating good deeds
Speaker: Bro. Charlie Chia
Date: 2nd June 2007 (Sat)
Time: 1.00 PM - 2.30 PM

Forum : Nature of the Heart, Nature of the World
Panelist : 1. Tan Siang Chye
2. Chan Tye Kooi
3. Charlie Chia
4. Julie soh
Date: 3rd June 2007 (Sun)
Time: 9.00 am - 11.00 AM

because at INCOVAR
...we inspire...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Are YOU Ready?

Exams are long over

and you're enjoying the days without classes


coming up REAL SOON

1 and a half week's left to go

... Gearing the excitement of first-timers ...
... Looking forward for another thrilling time ...
... The need of new experience for regulars ...

The rising tension
racing against time


27th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What is the Secret?

Do you know what is the Secret?

It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you.

This is the Secret to everything! The secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.

What is the Secret?


Over the last weekend, when I was blessed with the opportunity to be the organizer and to just be there for the INCOVAR Graduate Camp, there was so much talk about the Secret. Bro Charlie Chia first mentioned it during his session on Career Goal Setting & Resume Writing. In the evening during Metta Meditation, bro Hor Tuck Loon again asked us if we've watched the Secret (again?). But the secret revealed to us by Angelene Chong in Grooming was of a different context, the trick was passed down to us, hopefully we all can apply in our dressing!

Guess what happened towards the end of the night, Alex Tan presented to us this MUST watch documentary ~ the Secret!


The Secret is defined as the law of attraction, which is the principle that "like attracts like."

The most powerful law in the universe - "What we do is we attract into our lives the things we want, and that is based on what we're thinking and feeling."

The principle explains that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth.

The law of attraction means that everything that happens to you—good or bad—you attract to yourself. "If you were at a restaurant and you ordered something, you fully expect it to come served that way. That's how the universe is. You're putting out orders—consciously and unconsciously. So if you say, 'I'll never have a great relationship,' you just placed an order."

"Most people focus on how it is. We talk about our current reality—'I'm in debt. I'm overweight. I'm not happy. I'm sad. The world's not working. We're at war,' whatever. And the more you think about that and focus on that and talk about it, the more you attract that [negativity],"

Everything in the world is made up of energy, which is controlled by thoughts and feelings. Thoughts can travel long distances, so you are sending out signals to many people without even knowing it, and these signals attract like energy to you. "An individual can actually begin to generate a certain feeling of gratitude, of love, of peace and of harmony, and the universe will begin to match that feeling tone—and what will flow into your life will match the feeling that you're holding," he says. "It means that everyone…can release themselves from being a victim and begin to take control of their life's destiny."

Gratitude is one example of the magnetic force of the universe. "Basically, nothing new can come into your life unless you open yourself up to being grateful [for what you already have]."

Spiritual growth does not mean religion but our "real identity." "The love, the peace, the joy, the wisdom, the harmony—these are all qualities of the spirit that it's seeking to express through us.And so as we become more awake, more aware of that, our life is filled with that kind of vibration, that kind of feeling tone. To grow spiritually is to actually become more aware of who you really are."

You can start living the The Secret today by following three simple steps: Ask. Believe. Receive.To start making a conscious effort every day to take actions that will sync with the energy of the life you dream about. "When you're talking about action, you're talking about walking in the direction you want". It has to be one that comes from the heart and will provide a real service. "It's not, 'If you build it, they will come,' necessarily. It's, 'If you build it and it provides value, they will come. It's that heart space. Not 'What can I get?' but 'What can I give and how can I serve?' And when you're in that moment, the universe lines up behind you and it's at your command."


The forum on Sunday, entitled "How Buddhism is relevant in the corporate world?", kept us very informed and prepared for the challenges that we might potentially face in the corporate world out there. Some of us who'd started working not too long ago, may well connect with the experience and wisdom shared by the two remarkable HR sifu, bro Tan Huan Chye and bro Keek Seng Bee. I know I was nodding away, when they gave us tonz of advice especially on the part of striving hard when we're still young, to go ahead and climb the corporate ladder, and to earn lotsa $$$!

I particularly felt 'enlightened' when the panelists advised us to "be patient" or maintain our cool at our corporate work place. This I must really apply in my less-than-perfect company with you-know-what-type-of-bosses. Not to "react" when faced with undesirable situation.

The most 'yau-yeng' speaker for our camp, bro Wei Chuan Beng wrapped up the whole agenda with such simple yet impactful message. If you think organiser or committees don't get to experience what IXP (of the IDC) feels like, think again ~ bro Wei was the one-man-show programmer who swept us all off our feet with his IXP-style of handling the inspiration-session.

For those of you who'd missed this opportunity of a life time... (yes, we're not sure yet if we're doing this again...) *too bad* and it was super yau yeng even with barely 20 people! Chee Onn even sms-ed us all the way from USA, 'cause he missed us so much and he wanted so much to be with the camp.

Thanks to Alex Tan for driving this IGC! Also not forgetting to thank all Alex's angels :P

because at INCOVAR
...we inspire...