Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Chance to Register for EMT-2 :: starting 11Oct'08

The Effective Management Training (EMT)-2 course has been reschedule to start on 11 October 2008. Please help to spread the word around, and we hope that more participants will be able to benefit from it. Please submit registration form to Sis. Jacqueline / BGF latest by 30 September 2008.

For this EMT-2, the seven modules encompass : -

"AM I FIT FOR MY JOB?" - Bro. H.K. Loi (11 Oct'08)
Why is it that some people are motivated and perform well at work whilst other drag themselves to work everyday and in fact, dread to go to work?

If we examine our psychologically, we do realize that there is link between our personality and the jobs that are attractive to us. This means that we must first know ourselves before we embark on the journey of life. If only we can know our strengths and areas of improvement, we would fare much, much better in life, both personally and professionally.

* To enable participants to function more effectively through a self-understanding of their preferences and motivation at work.
And its impact on those within our circle of influence and contact.

The short session will use an internationally recognized psychometric instrument, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® or MBTI®
This method enable us to help us develop our potential, particularly in engendering greater understanding of ourselves and our colleagues (at work) and our family and friends and evaluating the fit between ourselves and our work.

1. To enable participants to understand creative thinking and its uses for personal advancement and organizational effectiveness, and
2. To expose participants to the potential of mindpower in living a fulfilling life.

- Understandng Our Mind
- Creativity and Innovation (Innotivity)
- Blocks and Catalysts to Creativity

:: About the Facilitator ::
Bro. Loi is one of the founder members of the BGF and Buddhist Missionary Society. Presently, he is involved in training activities of the BGF and the Buddhist community, mainly in the training of the Buddhist Counseling Service and Effective Communication courses. He graduated with a B.A. (Hons) and Diploma in Education from Universiti Malaya, and later completed his Diploma in Public Management. He also did a 2-year Post Graduate Research Study at Kagawa University in Japan. He has worked in both the public and corporate sectors, and is presently a learning facilitator/training consultant of his own company, INOCREST Sdn. Bhd., specialising in the area of creative and lateral thinking, teamwork and the use of psychological instruments for management development, particularly the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®.

HIGH PERFORMING MINDSET - Bro. Mitra Chong (8 Nov'08)
Be introduced to the seven elements of High Performing Mindset which will propel you to success in career and in life.
1. Desire
2. Commitment
3. Responsibility
4. Hard Work
5. Positive Believing
6. The Power of Persistence
7. Pride of Performance

:: About the Facilitator ::
Mitra Chong holds a Masters degree in Training and HRM from United Kingdom. He has been conducting seminars for more than a decade in the areas of leadership, motivation, team building, customer service and personal effectiveness. He is currently an Assistant General Manager in large insurance company, specializing in Human Capital and Organizational Development.

TIME MANAGEMENT - Dr. Ong Tien Kwan (25 Oct'08)
Time management is one of the key ingredients to a successful life. Procrastination and the inability to prioritise our activities in life are two main reasons why people fail in achieving the goals they set out for themselves. Time management skills incorporate the ability to clarify goals, prioritise activities and act on specific plans. The old adage that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail still holds true today.

:: About the Facilitator ::
Dr. Ong Tien Kwan M.B.B.S. has been a doctor in general practice for more than 15 years and currently runs his successful practice in a suburban community just outside of Kuala Lumpur. His experience in healing the physical body together with his personal interest in healing the mind and emotion has led him to learn various emotional and mental healing modalities from professionals in other areas of healing. He has done extensive research to understand how our mind affects our emotion, behavior and health, and has attended various courses and workshops to further enhance his ability to heal others holistically. His passion is in helping others to transform their lives for the better through self-knowledge, love, forgiveness and heightened awareness. He believes that by healing our inner world of thoughts and emotion, we will surely manifest success, abundance, health and happiness in our life.

Do you know one of the most challenging fact about surviving in a business is that we are constantly struggling to keep our customers everyday? How do you value your customer nowadays, internally and externally? Are you aware that your perceptions on service towards people within the organization will have a direct effect to the productivity and profitability? What is the outcome of building good relationship with people whom you work with? You can get those answers from this half-day workshop which is uniquely designed to help review your paradigm on people and service that will dramatically change your inner world of viewing people as customers.

Who Should Attend >
Telemarketers, Frontline personnel , receptionist, sales coordinator, customer service support staff and those who are interested to relearn what makes service tick especially in the way how to value people and customer in this competitive environment.

:: About the Facilitator ::
Bro. Chan Tye Kooi has been a dynamic trainer, seminar speaker, principal NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ® ) consultant and businessman in Kuala Lumpur for the last 17 years.. Originally a professional architect trained in Sydney, Australia, he has made a decisive change from township development to organizational training and development by establishing Fourth Quadrant Communications ( 4QC ), a training specialist company with a core mission to help multinational corporations and organizations achieve breakthrough results in both work productivity and business profitability with a 3-tier philosophy of CHANGE, COMMUNICATION and SERVICE LEADERSHIP to oneself and others.

A much sought-after speaker and emcee in major corporate conventions and events, TK has reached out to audience in at least a few thousands since 2001. His most prominent skills in helping his seminar trainees to achieve personal effectiveness in change, sales, service, communications and building business network are his INFLUENCING, NEGOTIATION and RELATIONSHIP POWER based upon the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Ericksonian Hypnosis. This has been a culmination of results in leading his architectural firm as a business director and his extensive experience working with international companies such as Taisei Corporation ( Japan ) and Samsung Electron ( Korea ) in the area of architectural project management . He has dedicated himself in the last 7 years to discover the hidden secrets of the world's most successful communicators and business leaders to elevate himself ahead of others utilizing the latest strategies and technology in personal success, leadership, marketing ( branding ), sales and service. For him, customers' success is his FIRST priority.

Bro. TK is currently a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and a Certified NLP Master Coach. He is a registered member of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and Time Line Therapy® Association ( TLTA ), an associate trainer with the FMM Institute, a Certified Professional Trainer ( MIM-CPT® ) with the Malaysia Institute of Management ( MIM ) and an active practitioner member of the Malaysian Psychotherapy Association (MPA).

MINDULNESS IN DAILY LIFE - Dr. Chan Kah Yein (13 Dec'08)
Being mindful in daily life is being aware of the wonders around you, and being alive and awakened. Let go of the past, worry not about the future, but live in the present, mindfully and meaningfully. And the future will take care of itself.

:: About the Facilitator ::
Dr Chan Kah Yein holds a Ph.D (Mathematics Education) from Deakin University and is currently teaching tertiary-level Mathematics in a private college. She is a regular Dhamma speaker in various Buddhist centres in the Klang. In 2007, she won the Best Student Award in the United Malaysian Dhammafarers' 1st Dhamma Speakers Course. She was also a guest moderator at the recent 5th Global Conference in Buddhism 2007 last November. Dr Chan Kah Yein is an avid animal lover – practicing compassion to all sentient beings, as taught by the Buddha. She has written several articles on kindness to animals from a Buddhist perspective. Her latest book, Pawprints on my Heart reveals her heart warming experience in handling animals.

BUSINESS WRITING SKILLS - Sis. Sharon Ng (10 Jan'09)

:: About the Facilitator ::
Sharon Ng conducts corporate training programs; in the areas of personal change, presentations, customer service and business writing. Since the early 1980's she has been involved in inner work to transform herself. In her free time, Sharon organizes community events for ClovenClive and is involved in organizing healing sessions for other groups.


Hurry and submit the registration form attached via fax (603 - 6203 7580) or email to Sis. Jacqueline (BGF Training Exco) before / by 30 September 2008. For enquiries, please call her at 016-696 9799. You may also hand in your registration form and payment to BGF office.

Limited to a maximum of 30 pax to ensure effective facilitation. Successful applicants will be informed latest by 4 October 2008.

Investment for course fee >
a) BGF Member - RM 200
b) Non-BGF Member - RM 250
c) Student Rate - RM 100

Group Registration of 3 pax
a) BGF Member - RM 180 x 3
b) Non Member - RM 230 x 3
Fee is inclusive of course materials and refreshments.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship
w : e : bgf_moderator@
BGF Centre : 60A Jalan 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Friday, September 12, 2008

Get set... Ready? ...30th IDC!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Come and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival at BGF this Sunday, 14th September 2008!

Bring along your family members and friends, and your favourite dish too.

You can even bring their own lanterns for the Lantern Walk around the neighbourhood.

Students staying nearby BGF, don't miss out on the food & fun!

~ Program ~
7.00 pm : Potluck Dinner ...for the fellowship & plenty of food...
8.10 pm : Offerings & Puja ...for relaxing devotional practice...
8.30 pm : Sing-along SJBAYS youth group!
9.00 pm : Lantern Walk ...everybody esp the kids will enjoy...
9.45pm : Games ...suitable for all in the family...
10.05pm : Musical Presentation don't wanna miss by M.O.D!
10.15pm : Closing Invocation

For more further enquiries about the Mid Autumn Festival Celebration, feel free to call sis. Julie Soh @ 012-2120144.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DnD Blast

...incovar achievers : incovar makes me think out of the box. incovar is the best. incovar makes me a better person. experiential. original. perfect. it is very unique and it inspires me in many ways. incovar awesome. incovar is the changed of buddhism. incovar makes all the difference...

Monday, September 08, 2008

I feel happy :)

DND2008... what an amazing night! Amigos Para Siempre, indeed! I hope you had a fabulous time. I sure did!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Can't wait for the Dinner & Dance!

I'm excited. I'm excited, because the 1st INCOVAR Dinner & Dance will be happening in only 5 days! I'm sure you are excited too, and can't wait to meet all your fellow INCOVARian friends. Do dress in your finest (the dress code is "when you were 18"), and come with open arms into a night of fun, celebration and appreciation.

If you haven't got your ticket yet, do contact us as soon as possible!

Amigos Para Siempre!