Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

27IDC ~ what's your aspiration?

In this edition of the 27IDC held in SJBA in early June, just right before the big BCAF event, the most exciting part was the visitation workshop, where participants were split into 3 groups : 1 group headed to PAWS to help cleaning / painting, 1 group went to Rumah Shalom shelter home for kids to have fun, and another bigger group went to Sg Way to spend some memorable time with some 50+ old folks.
We must thank many of our sponsors and donors who helped chip in cash or kind for us to buy all the essential items to be donated to these 3 respective homes. Thank you to all the drivers who were facilitators or committees who convoyed together in their ribboned cars...
So what went about at all the 3 respective homes? Let's share in this blog about what happened and how you felt, and most importantly, what was your aspiration?

Remember the dreamcatcher...

And we will Reach Out to the world...
~Nature of the Heart, Nature of the World~

Monday, June 04, 2007

Calling for Volunteers for BCAF!

You must have heard of the Buddhist Culture Arts Festival 2007 jointly organised by many various Buddhist societies, including our parent body BGF. To make this event a success, we need volunteers in all aspect & stages, volunteers like YOU!

YOU! The INCOVARian undergraduates, esp those currently on semester break is called upon to step up and show our utmost support in helping to organise this greatest Buddhist event in the history of Buddhism in Malaysia. Be part of history in the making!

On behalf of INCOVAR, I would like to call for volunteers to be on duty as usher for Opening Ceremony.

Date :: 6 June 2007 (Wed)
Time :: 4pm (the timing is most suitable for those currently on holiday ;)
Venue :: Mines Convention Centre
DressCode :: white shirt / black skirts or trousers

Please revert your name & availability to me (here.
By KTM Komuter :: Ti-Ratana bus to ferry passengers to/from Serdang KTM station & MIECC is specially arranged for the public.

...we inspire...

sis. Mei Joon

Friday, June 01, 2007


...the serenity and peace in the hall just before opening ceremony...


...right after opening ceremony, the guys started to pose for the camera. geez, talk about the speed!...