Saturday, January 14, 2006

24IDC Appreciation Dinner on Alex!

Dear committees, incase you've missed the dinner at New Paris last night (12thJan), its OK here's the outcome of dinner :D -->

  • Sat, 4pm till night :: just stay on... got MPO & Musical Puja mah...
  • Chor Sam / 3rd day of CNY :: Meetup at Penang (or your respective region) exchange angpow.
  • March 4th & 5th :: you got nothing yet right?! Just make it free, we're going on an excursion to the Tea Plantation. (we got member with access to special resort).
  • You know we're starting the plan for the next camp already right?! The main outcome from 24idc postmortem was to plan early for next camp! So, raise ur hand if u want to be chair, or exco or not programmer / qm / publicity / secretary / treasurer again ah!
  • Ajahn Brahm will be here 28th - 29th April 06 (dude, local uni sem break starts 8th May la!! Fyi Wesak falls on 12th May, a friday).
  • Pevin turns 25!! Happy Birthday Pev..
  • Chee Onn is sick but doesnt really look sick...
  • NS looks tired
  • SF got many rags for INCOVAR room
  • Alex got matress & pentium II for INCOVAR room
  • Ern Huei still must work on 1st day of CNY!!!
  • Jo & Aaron timing very ngam
  • Fred always there
  • Gary busy pour tea (not until have to ask)
  • LY come latest but busy take photo with her phone
  • Li Kim cant take Tea but she'll lead us to the Tea Plantation excursion!
  • MJ went off half way thru dinner to go pick LY!! -- wan sui!

Hmm.. so see you this Saturday!! Stay tuned for more updates.

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mj-wan sui

Monday, January 09, 2006

:: MPO :: Introducing the Musical Puja Organizers ::

How have your new year been? Any new wishes to gain more inspirations? The line up of MPO Training for the month January, will co-incide with the full moon Musical Puja. Musical Puja is significantly held very new moon and full moon evening, complete with inspirational music and devotional Puja practice. We'll now have the chance to practise together, be part of the Musical Puja team, making good use of the time generating merits instead of partying at zouk eh ?! :P

Date :: 14th January 2006 (Saturday)
Venue :: BGF Centre
Time ::

  • 4pm ~ Training begins with learning opportunity on how to organise a musical puja session, Buddhist inspirational songs sharing etc.
  • 6pm ~ Dinner together
  • 7pm ~ Hands on in preparation for a Musical Puja session
  • 8pm ~ Musical Puja / Talk by bro Tan Siang Chye on "How to be Happy" & musical performance by the MOD.
  • 10pm ~ end

Music is not only about singing, there's also the instrument part, music appreciation, dancing, songwriting... all these put together spearheading the evolution of Buddhist music.

For further information, please contact :
Bro. Nee Sern @ 0162011550
Exco - BGF Training and Leadership Development

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