Monday, August 20, 2007

The DATE & VENUE of 28idc is set!

The DATE of the coming 28th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp, has to match the public universities' semester break... starts on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday.

29th Nov - 2nd Dec 2007
of course!

INCOVAR Dhamma Camp was held in this VENUE before for the 13th edition. And now the 28th IDC will return to this -- near the dead (cemetery), near the young (hospital nearby) and close to the moving (highway & petrol station) --

Klang & Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)
of course!

Watch out this space for camp REGISTRATION info
& more puzzles to be solved.

The 25% discount on the RM75 camp fee goes to
Xiao Thoong!

because @ INCOVAR
...we inspire...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Guess the Date & Venue of 28IDC!

You know that 28IDC is taking place sometime in Nov-Dec 2007. Now the question is, exactly when, and where?


What's the prize then?
25% discount on 28IDC Camp Fee!

28IDC Committee Members, *reminder* please do not help/give away/suggest the answers to this contest! The entry will be automatically disqualified. Dun be a spoilsport ya.

1. Date – IDC always starts on a Thursday morning, ends on a Sunday afternoon. Sometime in year end.
2. Date - Check out public universities' calendar.
3. Venue – there are only so many temples/centres in Klang Valley that can accommodate Incovar.
4. Venue – What is near the dead? Yet also near the young? And close to the moving?

How to submit your answers? Read this carefully!
- Leave your answers through the 'comments' function on this post.
- All answers should submitted by 12midnight, 18 August 2007 (in other words, night of 17 August 2007)
- Any late submissions will not be entertained
- Each person is only entitled to three submissions

Who can join?
1. Everyone who wants to win EXCEPT 28IDC committee members (sorry guys!)
2. All participants except participants who join IDC more than 4 times.

1. All 'participants' – please do not bribe 28IDC Committee Members for the answers! Bribes in any forms are strictly prohibited. If we know of any willing giver and receiver, the entry will automatically be disqualified.
2. In the event of a two/more correct entries, the entry submitted earliest will be considered the winning entry.

Be creative people! There are other ways you can confirm these details besides the committee members. A chance to think out of the box! Good luck!

…we inspire…

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The visit to the old folks' home

There’s skin infection on her right arm. It has been troubling her for many years. There, she has to take care of her skin herself. At times, when the weather is hot, the infection will worsen causing her right arm to blemish and itch. When she sees doctor, she has to pay the medication fee herself. As a retired lady she does not have much money. Unlike what I thought, free medication is not provided for these old folks.

Chatting with her, I enquired about her hometown. She’s from Penang. She said she would like to go back Penang once a while, but she couldn’t. Her reply was short and simple, “How can I go back if I don’t have money?” She later explained that she usually return to Penang, her fond hometown, once every three years to visit her mother’s grave. She has to travel by herself via public transportation. My heart sank upon imagining an 80++ year old lady travelling by herself from Subang to Penang via public transport.

There’s another lady who advised me, “We have to be optimistic in life.”

“We can’t live our lives being sad or negative. We have to be open-minded and learn to let go.”

These words coming from an old lady living a much more difficult life compared to mine greatly affects me. If she is that strong within, I have to be stronger. Our visit is not that great a deed. Their sincere words for us were greater.

My fellow peers had shared their perception and experience of the visit with me. These old folks living together under one roof face difficult times too. Almost inevitably, people from different culture and background will have to deal with certain issues arises from their differences.

“There are political issues here too, you know?”

“There are people who don’t like to talk to you here. And even dislikes you.”

Being sent to old folks’ home is like being pushed out of the comfort and security of being with the familiar faces of our family.

While some of us may believe that the environment of old folks’ home cannot possibly be as bad as portrayed, the reality is far from truth. We would like to ask for your kindness to spend a few days of your precious time in visiting different old folks’ home. We would inevitably find old folks’ home with many deficiencies.

Considering the limited fund and resources, we cannot blame anyone for the shortcomings of old folks’ home. And we are aware that many parties are trying their level best to improve the old folks’ home.

But will it not be much more effective if five members in a family are willing to share the burden of taking care of two old folks? Yes, it requires sacrifices and lots of patience. But didn’t our parents sacrifice their time and energy in taking care of us till we grow up into who we are today.

We can only hope of seeing these old folks spending their invaluable remaining time in comfort, or with fewer difficulties at least, in the warmth and patience of their dearest family members.

I paid a visit to one of the old folk’s home the other day. Visiting old folks was something out of my expectation. But yet I went with an open heart.

I chatted with a 70 plus old man. I introduced myself, looked into his eyes, waiting for a reply and that’s when he told me that he can’t see. I was taken aback and tongue-tied for a moment. I was shocked and did not know how to continue my words.

An old man with visual disability stays in the old folk’s home? How does he take care of himself?
He seemed to understand the long pause and added that his wife is there with him, helping him and being there by his side.

Well, at least that’s a bit better, I thought. He tried to make it sounds like I-am –okay, but it still made my heart ache when he said he can’t walk fast because he can’t see, when he said that he kind of always slip and fall and it hurts, when he said he has problems getting to the toilet, when he said that his belongings must not be misplaced because that would mean spending a very long to search for his things.

Though he might think that I would not be able to understand him, but I do. I understand the bitterness and how tough it is to face all these sudden changes without family members being around (except the wife).

Interestingly, he then introduced me to a very famous doctor, saying it’s a “must-go” place if I ever, need one. He showed me the way, and drew the map, directing me as detailed as he could so that I won’t get lost.

I was, and still am so touched. He told a stranger thing that he thought is the best. This old man, whom I only met for 3 hours, did so without any expectation.

Before we went back that day, I handed him some goodie bags and an ang pau. We said goodbye and shook hands. He gave my hand a gentle squeeze before I left. The visit left me with precious memories, and at the same time, inspired me a lot.
(Huey Yee)

I felt there was a gap between us. Perhaps the old folks needed some time to open up their hearts. It is of no surprise that they are more reserved considering that they have been left there by their loved ones and have since been lonely there.

Well, fortunately, after about some time, they began to talk about their life stories and daily routine. As a matter of fact, many old people do love to talk for long hours! In other words, they are no different from any of us. They just wanted love, attention and someone they can connect to. The only difference I could see is that they are less fortunate because they have fewer opportunities to make friends compared to us.

There was one incident that really touched my heart. It is worth sharing to everyone. From my experience that day, I felt that all the old folks wanted me to know one thing. All of them told me the good stories about their children; how nice people their son is, how much salary they earn, how many grandchildren they have. All praise but no blames. They love their children so much! I remember it clearly. I could see it in their eyes. They still love their children even though their sons/daughters have sent them to the old folks’ home? Yes, because parents care for their children without expecting much in return.

If you are still staying with your parents, aren't you lucky? Because you still have the chance to appreciate them. You can still listen to them, dine with them or just be with them. Well, actually that was the first thing that came to my mind after speaking to one of the old folks.

We ended the visit by singing some hymns to them. At the end of it, I can see all of us felt good inside because we know that we have made another person happier that day.
(Gary Lim)

PS: By addressing the stories above, we hope to remind everyone to take care of our parents by ourselves instead of opting to old folks' home. Help us spread the words above to everyone by:
1) Publishing the stories above in your blog.
2) Forward it to your friends.

Thanks pals.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Countdown Merdeka with Fireworks!

To all my friends,

I'll be organising a trip to Putrajaya to watch the fireworks! The date is set for 30th Aug, 2007 on the eve of Merdeka Day which is a public holiday for all of us ;)

So here's the info from the ticketpro website, where you get the best view from venue PICC.

Price Category:
1st - With Dinner & Drinks - 148.50 RM
2nd - Without Dinner & Drinks - 38.50 RM

BUT THEN Again... wouldn't it be priceless to drive ourselves there, get ourselves a nice spot on one of the bridge near MOF, before the fireworks start firing at 10pm?

So what's your asnwer (click post comment below) :
Option A - buy the RM38.50 tickets, get front view from PICC
Option B - dont buy the tickets, find our own spot surrounding Putrajaya.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Best shots

Here's some of our best pictures from the camera during the Bagan Lalang / Tanjung Sepat trip:

Dunno what's the name lalang-white-flower by MJ
Mother & Child Picnic at the Beach by YT

Life Of The Vast by Ade

-mj : four? empat? u know empat? sei?-
-mj's pao half eaten-

-pray for the best-

(CO, LY... edit the post and add your best in!)

The fellowship outing that was...

Check out who when where what about the trip to Bagan Lalang & Tanjung Sepat.

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and tons of pictures taken!

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