Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Effective M.C Training :: 10-Aug 2008

Have you ever thought of brushing up on your M.C skill for an event? Wanna speak like and look like a pro with the mic? Look no further....

How to be a Great MC
- Learn the art of effective emceeing
- Prepare the speaker, prepare the audience, prepare yourself
- How to leave and impression
- Make the event memorable
- Anyone can learn the skills

:: Sunday, 10 August 2008, 2pm - 5pm ::

2pm - 2.30pm : Ice Breaker
2.30pm - 3pm : How to be an Effective MC (by DDVW)
3pm - 4.30pm : Introducing the Speaker
4.30pm - 5pm : Leading Buddha Puja effectively (by DDVW & KNW)

For registration, please contact Bro. Khoo Nee Wern at 012-3918399 or drop an email to me to submit your name before 3rd August 2008.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Moon Puja :: Fri, 1-Aug 2008 :: Harmony Here & Now

Let's mark down the date for the 7th Lunar month new-moon musical puja ::

Date : Fri, 1-Aug 2008
Time: 8.30pm - 10.00pm
Theme: "Harmony Here & Now"

Speaker: Bro. Daya
Brother N.B. Dayananda (Bro or Uncle Daya as he is more popularly known) hails from Penang, the only son of Sinhalese Buddhist parents. He had his education at St. Xavier’s Institution thee and did his HSC in Singapore. Here he was given a copy of the Kalama Sutta and upon reading it he “discovered” the Buddha Dhamma and has been living by it ever since. 1960 through 1963 he was involved with the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple and the setting up of its Sunday Pali School.

In 1964, he was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), married Ms W.A. Vimalawathi (another Sinhalese Buddhist Penangite who had trained as a Staff Nurse in Singapore) and raised two children – a daughter and a son. In 1978, Bro. Daya resigned his commission in the RMAF, having attained the rank of Squadron Leader, on a matter of principle. He next joined an American publishing house and worked his way to become the Company’s Manager, International Sales and HRD based in London and covering its entire operations in the Middle East and Pakistan. His work involved extensive travel to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and frequent visits to England, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia. Bro. Daya is a trainer in Sales & Marketing and a recognised professional speaker and motivator. He is currently engaged with another USA based multinational.

Bro. Dayananda successfully completed the recently organised, first ever Dhamma Speakers’ Course and has spoken at several Buddhist orgnisations whenever his busy work schedule has permitted him.

Musical performance by a group of youth from SJBAYS guided by Bro. Nee Wern.

The last Full Moon Musical Puja was held on 17th July 2008 (Thursday). The M.C. of the evening was by Bro. Brian Lee and the Puja was lead by Bro. Wee Fah.

It was a blessing to see a nice turn out of the crowd, quite likely the 'bring friends along' effort proves to be fruitful. How wonderful to meet friends from Melaka and not forgetting old friends from past INCOVAR camps.

The speaker Bro. Trevor Lee gave short sharing about “Stress Management from a Buddhist Perspective” and everybody experienced the act of sending Metta thoughts to our entire body parts. This lead to some people feeling that we should not be taking our body for granted. Let the shoulder, the legs, the heart just relax and rest.

For the last segment of the evening, inspiration through music was brought by i.gemz! Most of the songs were led by bro. Daniel Kwok, with bro. NeeSern on guitar and bro. Wee Fah on another microphone. It was the first time I heard the unplugged version of 'Dhamma Shines in Me', very interesting. During the rendition of the soft and sweet Metta Metta song, the atmosphere became so peaceful.

The theme of this 6th Lunar month Full Moon was "Happiness @ Work” and true enough, this evening musical puja turned out to be an opportunity to relax, unwind and de-stress after a hard day’s work. In fact, it was also a good chance for everybody to catch up with everyone else! Some of them even continued their socializing after the musical puja by proceeding to ‘mamak’.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talk by Datuk Dr Victor Wee

8pm to 10pm
2-Aug-08 8pm - 10pm BGF Centre
A Buddhist society can be very active and yet produce no tangible impact on the Buddhist community. This occurs because it does not see a higher purpose to its activities other than catering to the maintenance function. The Missioners Reproduction Model (MRM) provides the vision, direction and schematic approach for Buddhist organizations to plan and undertake activities with a clear sense of purpose and thereby producing stronger impact on the community in the medium and long term.
Open to ALL Buddhist missioners, members or non-members; especially those who'd like to learn skill to manage their own Buddhist society/organisation.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BGF Full Moon Musical Puja :: Thu-17 June

Dear brothers and sisters in the Dhamma,

Welcome to BGF Full Moon Musical Puja
Date : Thursday, 17 June 2008
Time : 8.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue : BGF Centre

For this musical puja, we're most delighted to have i.gemz to lead the hymn singing. Calling for all i.gemz fans out there!

Most interestingly, we have trainer-&-personal-coach Trevor Lee to share with us about "Stress Management from a Buddhist Perspective".

Trevor, has over ten years experience in self-developments and spirituality. He completed his studies in Psychology and is a certified Stress Management Consultant. Over the past 10 years, he has received training, and researched and self-trained vigorously, in the fields of psychology, self-development and spirituality.

You may check out for more info about the speaker.

A simple place - a meaningful day;
to practise devotion, to share the Dhamma & be inspired through music.
Bring a friend along.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

*BGF Musical Puja is significantly held very new moon and full moon evening,
complete with inspirational music and devotional Puja practice.*
**BGF is located at 60A, Jalan 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya. **

Reflection from Stonepeace

After listening to the these advice, I thought its so cool and actually so true! Wish we can all really practise it. ~ mj

Pitfalls of Wrong Understanding of Karma

When something bad happens to you, you might wallow in misery,
resigned that it's your inescapable bad Karma.
When something bad happens to others,
you might sigh that it's just their bad Karma, and do nothing to help.
When something good happens to you,
you might become complacent, thinking your good Karma will last.
When something good happens to others,
you might become jealous that they have good Karma.

Benefits of Right Understanding of Karma

When something bad happens to you,
you have an open attitude to make the best of it, and better your Karma.
When something bad happens to others,
you help because they might have the good karma to be helped by you.
When something good happens to you,
you cherish it because it might not last, and remind yourself to do more good.
When something good happens to others,
you rejoice in their merits and encourage them to do more good. - Shen Shi'an

The karmic is not fatalistic as the karmic is dynamic. - stonepeace

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A little inspiring cikgu

It was supposed to be a sad or emotional visit to her mom's wake service, or so I thought. But it was as if we're embracing the teachings of Lord Buddha -- truly understanding Anicca.

Just as the law of change can cause decline and decay it can also causegrowth and progress. Hence it is that a seed becomes a plant and a plantbecomes a tree, and a bud becomes a flower. But again there is no permanency in growth. Growth again gives way to decay. The plant must die. The flowermust wither. It is an unending cycle of birth and death, integration anddisintegration, of rise and fall. Hence it is that Shelley has aptly said, "Worlds on worlds are rolling over from creation to decay, Like bubbles on a river, sparkling, bursting, borne away."

The good man is always a happy man. He has no fear of death because he has no fear of the life beyond. Of such a man has it been said in the Dhammapada: "The doer of good rejoices in this world. He rejoices in the next world. He rejoices in both worlds."

"As advance-stage cancer patient, she was very painful before she died", SK was narrating her story to us. Her face was as calm and composed as usual, with occasional laughter of sort when she shared about her teaching experience in a notorious secondary school as a form teacher in the 2nd last class.

As the eldest daughter in her family, she took care of her mother who was diagnosed with pancrea cancer. Incidently, the diagnosis result came out on the 1st day of the camp that's why she couldn't come join us to be with her mom. As pancrea cancer spread very fast, somehow they knew they had to accept death was looming very soon.

How many daughters actually teach their mother about accepting Death? *teary eyed*

She brought her mom to temples for chanting when she could. She slept at the bed side at the hospital to be with her mom, only able to 'listen' to the mother's cry of severe suffering pain, but not able to help relief the pain. The only thing that the doctor could do was to give morphin to stop the pain, to stop consciousness.

Cikgu SK was bubbly as she tells her story about her mother and her new teaching job. I couldn't contain my laughter at one point (totally oblivious that we're at a wake), when cikgu said she wanted to join the world vision 30hour famine campaign, yet having the patience to handle a bunch of notorious ignorant form2 students, having the time on Sunday to teach Sunday school kids, having the energy to go hiking with her adventure-inspired buddies, and having a terminally ill mother to constantly care for. I laughed in disbelief, that am actually to talking such a sweet inspiring cikgu, right in front of me.

On the first day of her mom's death, many of her school teachers and even her students came to pay a visit. She was so touched she said. The class students actually pooled together a sum of contribution for her. How many students actually really cared for their school teacher to that extend? (inspite of the students being notorious and laidback)

I felt truly fortunate to have known of a fellow INCOVARian so wonderful as her. Swee Khem inspire...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

...what u gonna wear?..., what are you going to wear for the dinner and dance? hmm, so many choices arr. which era are you from le? come tell us what you gonna wear...
1960s :
1970s : that 70s show. go watch more.
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who is from which era? wakakakz. i think all also 2000s one le. those before 1980s one tak main blog. wakakaz. give us your thoughts what you gonna wear? mushroom hairstyle like jastin ask me to wear? hahaha...or u wanna exchange era with me or not? mebbe we can have an "era-exchange" for the dinner and dance. hahaha...